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My baby was also "too high" to the point that after an hour in the triage room in the hospital one L&D nurse kind of rolled her eyes at another one and said, "nah she's not in labor, baby's still really high up", etc, etc.  And baby was born six hours later.  I think it all went down (literally, heehee) very quickly. This is my second baby.
Here's my update!    
Our baby girl (still unnamed) was born a day before her due date!  7 lbs and 14 oz and 20" long.  Big sister who is two told everyone that "the baby came out of mama's tummy" and is very excited.  There was a minor upset when she first saw me breastfeed and started bawling that "I want to eat your booboooooooo."   The birth went much better than the last time.  Baby was out after 5 pushes and I just had minor abrasions (vs third degree tearing and stitches last time...
Congratulations!  Thanks for posting so soon after the birth! 
DDCC she looks very Isla-ish to me!
I'm 38 weeks and have had really painful pelvic pressure for a couple of weeks.  It stops me dead in my tracks and I have to bend over and waddle over to a chair as if my shoelaces are tied together and collapse.  I think it's the baby's head descending into that area.  I mentioned it to the doctor yday at a routine checkup and she wasn't concerned.   They might ask if you have a UTI or something though?
Good luck!  Hope you are able to get some rest tonight before things get into full swing!
Can I please vent.  Yes there is crazy over-the-top maniacal emotion happening over here... but not from me.  From my MIL!  She's been getting increasingly nutso (ranting, raving, shrieking at me and DH in daily rages, name-calling, throwing stuff, and I swear she was one breath away from wishing death on baby the other day).  I thought it was the 9-month preggers lady that's supposed to get a little psycho-witchy and instead I'm having my patience tried in this most...
How about Landon Preston Sutton Grayson Braedon Mason
Congrats on the beautiful baby! I would never have guessed by her picture that she was a month early.  Get some rest!
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