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If any of you St Pete moms want to hook up, drop me a PM!
Stand strong billikengirl!!! You're making a great choice. My DH is cut, and he is fine with our son being uncut... The AIDS thing really boggles my mind. How about NOT having unprotected sex, whether or not you have a foreskin??? Duh?
Yes, we do, but I am a first time mom, and I like having him weighed and the reassurance that he looks great! Our ped loves that he is BF, said "good!" when she asked if I had him circ'd and I said "No way" and is in general very cool.
I didn't. We NEVER wanted kids. Oops! Once I got pregnant by accident, I knew I would NOT have an abortion, even though it was suggested/assumed that I would. I'm so glad- best thing that ever happened to us!!! And now DH is snipped
LET your baby nap during the day!!!! The more my baby naps the BETTER he sleeps at night. When your child is sleepy, let her sleep JMO
I know my dad is because my mom was so funny when I told her I wasn't doing it to my son, and that in the UK no one does it. I used to be married to a Brit... so anyway she blurts out, "You've BEEN WITH an uncut man?" all shocked and surprised! hahaha it was funny... So she was like asking about it... clearly she's never seen an uncut penis!
Mine doesn't CIO, I hate CIO and oppose it. HOWEVER, sometimes when my son wakes in the middle of the night, I don't pick him up. Sometimes he just makes a few "uck, uck" kind of noises and sucks his hand and goes right back to sleep. This IMO is a great thing- he knows how to go back to sleep. But, if he actually starts to cry or do that breathing thing they do right before they cry, I pick him up, hug and kiss him, sing to him, cuddle him, and offer him the breast. I...
My son HATES SLEEPING ON HIS BACK! I made him do it for naps (non co sleeping day time naps) and for the first month it worked. But at night he always slept on his side, nursing. We switched sides, of course, every time we switched boobies After he was good and asleep, I'd roll him into his back and go to sleep myself. Sometimes, though, he'd stay on his side, against my chest. Now that he sleeps in the bassinet until morning (then we bed share a couple hours after his...
Oh, I don't know if there is a home test. I just know my MW lets her clients go in the bathroom and swab themselves at the birth center (where our prenatal care is done) unless you want her to do it. Given my objections to be touched and examined, I definitely would have done it myself had I opted to get the test!
Thanks! I haven't got a preemie, but I found this while looking for tips on how to get more milk when I pump.
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