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there are so many great ideas here. thanks! I will add my two cents later, but wanted to post so I don't forget :)
Hi All!   I am also in Weymouth with two boys (a 4 year old and almost 6 month old) and have been hoping to find some like-minded moms as well! We are mostly without a car, but live within walking distance of Tufts library so spend a lot of time there. If any one would be up for meeting up there in the coming weeks, that would be great!   Keri-Ann
Hi! I would love to join up! Have been slacking since DS2 was born in April and could definitely use some motivation!
We traveled with DS when he was 12mo and then again at 23mo and it was actually very successful. On the second trip, we really talked up the whole airplane/airport/traveling for MONTHS before hand, so he was pumped about going when the time finally came. I second the suggestion to board last and to explore every stretch of the airport to work off some energy before boarding. Small vehicles and "little people" kept him occupied for quite some time. Novel snacks (including...
"I'm a heepy!" is "I'm sleepy" for the whole family now. It just feels sleepy to us
Hi Everyone, I am staying on the South Shore for the summer and am looking for other moms that might like to get together. I have a 2 year old little boy who loves to play with other LOs and, while we have lots of family in this area, there are no other chidren. Are there any regular play groups in the area or other families that would like to meet up for some playtime? Thanks! Keri-Ann
hey ladies! yes, I am in Albania now. Tirana is great -- it has definitely changed a lot since I was last here (better sidewalks, more buildings, etc.) It has been really great to be here with a baby, too. Like one of you mentioned, most of the Albanians are pretty reserved with foreigners but not at all so when a LO is involved! DS has been picked up, danced with, sung to, kissed -- he is in his glory! We think he will probably have a bit of culture shock when we...
hello! I am heading to Albania in about 2 months with DS (will be 12 months) and DH. DH and I lived there (in capital, Tirana) about 5 years ago but this will be our first time with the little one. Any suggestions/ideas about what I should bring or expect trying to AP in Eastern Europe? I would love to be in touch with others who are in the area! Thanks!
thanks! I will definitely look for more recent numbers. And that is a good point about just getting a DT -- I had forgotten about that option...
My DS got the first DTaP shot when he was 2 months old. I had decided to decline all other vaccinations but to go for the one because we will be living in Albania for a year and there are still Diptheria outbreaks there. Now DS is 6 months and we're supposed to get the second shot this week. I'm seriously questioning my decision. Does the one shot he received give him any protection? I was thinking of just stopping now...
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