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My DS is 5 m/o now and I EBF. About two weeks ago he started grunting at the beginning of just about each nursing session -- it seemed to correspond with the time before the milk let-down. He had never done this before but I didn't think much of it. Lately, the grunting has turned into screaming whenever he is even remotely tired. I try to sing/rock/cuddle him for the 5 minutes or so that it takes for the milk to let-down. If I can get him to stay on the breast that long,...
Quote: Originally Posted by expectingmomma Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could reccommend a doula. I am due in early March and my husband and I just made the decision to try and find one. We are laboring at home in Queens for as long as we can and then heading to the hospital in Nassau. If anyone knows of anyone in particular and could pass on their contact info, it would be greatly appreciated!! I used Brenda Valte -- she is based...
I also wipe only after long naps and first thing in the morning. I do pat him dry with the edge of the old diaper like a PP said. I also make sure to get in those fat folds about once a day -- for some reason DS LOVES to have the fat rolls cleaned
I know I wasn't here when the original hike was planned but the LO and I would love to join you for whatever sort of get-together is planned during that first week in December. We're pretty flexible so I will just keep an eye out for when/where you decide on
hello! welcome to MDC!
I want to start giving DS some naked time but I'm not sure exactly how to start off -- Is it okay to start now (we've only been ECing for a few days -- I've just been giving him opportunities every 30 minutes/hour depending on the time of day)? Should I put some shorts or something on him to avoid the spray if we do miss a pee? TIA for the advice!
Name: Keri-Ann Partner: Nick EC'd baby: Besnik (8.18.08) ECing since: yesterday! Other kids: none Diapers: he's been hanging around in prefolds without covers and BumGenius at night Potty: a big pot until our BBLP arrives; he gets a little freaked out when I hold him over the toilet or sink -- we're still working on that Other: I was a little afraid to get started but we caught 7 pees yesterday just through timing and giving him lots of opportunities and, you all...
another august baby here! DS is so alert and interested in faces. I just started carrying him in the kangaroo hold in our sling and he LOVES it! He talks to everyone we meet which makes errands take an awful long time-- but it's so worth it. He loves trying to make animal sounds and listening to DH sing to him. It's just so much fun watching him grow and explore!
Quote: Originally Posted by blueridgewoman I also try to consciously relax when she pops off. So I roll over and relax everything from my toes to my head in sequence. Consciously relaxing helps me, too. I roll over onto my back and stretch out after DS s done nursing. I've also found that getting exercise during the day helps alot with the achiness.
I absolutely cannot get enough of my LO nestling closer and closer throughout the night -- my heart melts every time he puts his little arm and leg up on me.
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