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Yay! We're chatting! 4LittleBirds -- always SO happy to see you! Hi Jen! 2much2luv-- I'm UP'ing right now. If my intuition tells me I need to see someone later, I'll seek someone out, but right now I'm happy just letting things flow. Wow, you mamas of multiple kids are truly an inspiration to me!!! The thought of 2 children is making my head : but I'm sure it'll be wonderful! So happy to be here with you all!
Oh, I should clarify, I have no knowledge about them . I just went and read the descriptions on them and chose what applied to me. I chose Olive: for physical and mental exhaustion Red Chestnut: allows you to love without worrying about the well-being of your loved ones Walnut: helps you adapt to major life transitions without the influence of others. Those personally worked for me in my present life situation. (and I do love Rescue Remedy too!) What's...
Hey, Mamas! I looked through 4 pages and couldn't find a monthly chat. Did I miss it or did we stop doing it? Granted I haven't been here for 27 months ( that's how old ds1 is) so I'm not exactly in the loop! Anyway, I'm pregnant again and so enjoyed the comraderie of other UC mamas the first time around. Anyone else want to chat?
Hey Beautiful Mamas! I'm here, too! Ds 1 is 2 years old (and I strongly believe I'm having another ds). Looking forward to getting to know you all and excited to share this journey with you!
And I also strongly believe in yoga and meditation!
S&S--Hi!!!!! What a fabulous list! Thank you! (You should post this at Wise Ways, too! : ) I'm absolutely swearing by Flower Essences so far this pregnancy. My energy was gone and I was emotionally and physically exhausted. On a hunch I went to my local hfs, picked out 3 essences that spoke to me and WOW! The difference is night and day! These essences saved me! What a great thread!
Tara, CONGRATS on the heartbeat!! That IS such a magical sound -- music to the ears!! Hey, come join Hillary and Apryl and I on this pregnancy thread! http://wisewaysofwomen.com/forums/sh...=1704#post1704
Mamadege sending positive energy your way. Thanks, Mamas, for the wonderful CONGRATS!!! Flowers, you MUST manifest yourself over to the new forum!! Pretty please? Actually, you ALL must come! It works JUST like MDC and I promise you won't miss it here. There's even a weekly thread in General Chat: http://wisewaysofwomen.com/forums/showthread.php?t=146 It's a PARTY!!! Indigolilybear -- HI! I know you from the UC thread! THANK YOU for that gorgeous...
Hello all you GORGEOUS, MAGICAL MANIFESTING MAMAS!! We were away for a long weekend and I didn't have the internet access I had anticipated, but now I'm am all caught up! And I can see that you're all hanging out in the new forum, so I'll head over there next...but in case anyone remembers I left ya'll with a teaser about some BIG NEWS and here it is.......I'm Pregnant!!! My Spirit Baby surprised me with an early arrival and after the shock wore off I've decided I'm...
Good Morning, Beautiful Mamas "Manifest the birth you want, not the one you fear." Quote: Originally Posted by captain crunchy Wow Maureen.. that should be the signature of every pregnant woman... that was awesome...it should be on like, T shirts... such a simple, but powerful statement. : Maureen, I love this! It is so succint! This is EXACTLY the intention of my Beautiful Birth Meditation CD -- may I use your words as a marketing...
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