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So Wise Women ~ ya'll believe my conspiracy theory now! ;)
HUGS to Tara and April...and much, much love. Quote: Originally Posted by Zannalyn How are you feeling, now? We missed you. too! Thanks for asking, dear Z. Physically I'm much better, mentally I'm...eh. Sort of feels like I'm going through a symbolic dying, not to sound dramatic but that's the only way I can describe it. But I've missed you all and look forward to catching up.
Hi, I'm here too. Went looking for WWoW after a couple of weeks away. Missed you all.
Quote: Originally Posted by *Devon* But it started on the "Believe the Impossible" thread -- she mentioned wanting a little girl and I said I'd make her something for her.... you know, my pregnancy magic Oh! I missed that thread and it sounds PERFECT!!! Can't wait to catch up! : Ohhhh....Sam....your baby musings are making me swoon! Oh, how I LOVE babies communicating with their mamas from the magical realm. Thank you for sharing!!!!...
So has Sam been having some spirit baby communication??? Fill me in!! :
Z, welcome to the party! coli: I'm so pleased to see you still have that DDDDC! : Either way, I'm cool, my sister Dev.
Hmmmm....Monday is just not looking good, Dev. What if you drove up Tuesday morning, E met us here after my haircut (around 12:30pm) and you spent the night Tuesday....or do you have other plans for Tuesday night and Wednesday? Is Sam pregnant?????
I'm up for next week --- but we can't hang here Monday because our cleaning lady is here. And Tuesday I have a haircut at 11am. Where does that leave us?
Okay, fill me in on next weeks plans....:
Oh, how much fun I was having figuring out who "Panserbjorne" was....and then THIS gave it away.... Quote: Originally Posted by Panserbjørne Nah, someone just needs to figure out how to make your name appear as stars in the evening sky. How I LOVE you!!! :
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