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Oh Man (she whines!) I could *sooooooo* chat tonight but I wasn't in it before it went down. I feel like I'm missing out on the party! Colleen -- tell everyone I said "Hi!" (and I'm drinking their drinks at this mdc party for one!) Oriole -- it will definitely happen. Visualize her getting to school easily.....even if you don't know how. Jenny -- great, funny post!
I was all pumped up, too! Just got the boys in bed and had a lot to catch up on at WWoW! Well, I'll just have a lot to look forward to....and maybe I'll just spend time with dh.
let's hope not!
Hi Sam, Yes, Mel gave us a heads-up that the site will be down for a few hours while it migrates to a new host. Let's Party! :
Well, at least I get to see my pink user name again... and this guy: :
Quote: Originally Posted by Zannalyn I just saw my new tag! : I love it!!! Thanks, Kate! : : : : Zanna, It should have been me, but I can't take credit!! Gillieon! Congrats!!! Make sure you sign up for http://www.lovefrombaby.com/ For our newcomers -- here's the tri-dub link!! Welcome home!! http://www.wisewaysofwomen.com/
really? You have tacos on Thursday and Pizza on Saturday?: Found it! Triple Dub....just like Carrie said!
Thanks Carrie -- (and thanks L.J.! ) I did sign up but I can't find you. I"m searching under "groups" but what are guys calling yourselves over there?
Quote: Originally Posted by dharmama Mmmmmmm....Laine! We had tacos last night. SO yummy!!! We had taco's tonight! Thursday is taco night and we always tell Finn he was born on taco night. Roan was born on (homemade) pizza night! : Quote: Originally Posted by MsChatsAlot Posts I'll create when we get home: ~ How to manifest James Ray in my bedroom ~ What was up with my dream last night about my ex-hubby's ex's and I all at a...
Quote: Originally Posted by MsChatsAlot I actually find numbers are one of the easiest things for me to manifest. When I feel l'm a little off, I notice I'll look at the clock at 1:12 or something and realize I'm off sync. I usually ask to get connected again...and usually later that day I'll see a 444 or something. Absolutely, L.J.! I've noticed this for myself as well! Quote: Originally Posted by Zannalyn Ascended...
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