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Oh, Zanna, Queen of Multi-Quotes! I to you! and I you too!! Missed the first healing circle--I'm up for the noon one. And if tri-dub isn't back up soon, I feel a DDDDC fairy wanting to make an appearance!! (and look at the lovely list of locations she has to choose from!
Quote: Originally Posted by Annikate Stirring up my crystal elixer Dialing my spirit guides Happy Birthday, Tanya!!!! Wow, I could NEVER forget my birthday! I treat it like a national holiday!!! Do something special today Mama!!!
Whoo-hoo, Jenny! That's one of my favorites!! I just paid $5 to be pink again and to get my avatar back!
Okay, let's send some magical tri-dub healing energy to Jen and Melanie's son. I think I'll even bring out my beads for Jen. I wish we could DO something for her family --- anyone have any ideas? I have her address.... I'll ponder on it a bit.
And another! *Coning a MAP session this is too much fun! (And obviously I have too much time on my hands!)
Quote: Originally Posted by firefaery Oh that is *SO* mine! Hi ladies! It is a beautiful rainy day over here. I LOVE the smell of rain! Kiddos and I are heading out for some rainy day fun after we finish our gourmet breakfast. (Only gourmet cause it's being served on lovely china as per dd's request.) I'll be psyched if WWoW is back up...I need barefoot updates and feel like I'm withdrawal! Me too!!! I wish JUST thinking this! Please...
Quote: Originally Posted by transformed I went to reiki practict last night and guess what? Sage does smell like pot! LMAO. I know! Whenever I smudge dh gets nostalgic! Here's another location: *Prying open my third eye!
I love the first two, Terri!!! (I don't think I was around for the last 2 but I"m sure they're hysterical too!) :
I love that some of us are changing our locations! Here are some more up for grabs: *The 5th Dimension *Ascending *Planet X *Nut-job Nation *Among Woo-Woo WWoW! *Rushing for Tri-dub (for our newcomers! ) :::: and of course :
whoo-hooo Heather! What a vibe-raising post!!! JustSo -- you soooo manifested us!!! Guess LoA does work! Yes, WWoW is coming back up today - I put it on the Universe's "to-do" list and let me tell you, it's been on a roll! :
New Posts  All Forums: