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Sorry! This post didn't make sense since I was "yeah that"ing to something on the previous page! LOL!
Oh, and poor Tara and Terri, who are : in Florida!! Wusses!!!
Carrie, Both Roan and I woke up with silver glitter on our cheeks this morning! What color was yours? Maybe we were at the same fairy party!
I can't access it again! Anyone else???
Posting again for an even post-count of 1300.
Leah, so great to hear from you! Heather, that DOES sound like fun! Terri, I just love the name "Womb Whisperer"! I it!!! Thanks Mamas, for all the good vibes. *Trying* to take it easy, but with a (almost) 3 year old, it's ....challenging. Drinking my water, OJ, and Recharge. Took some herbs. I'm going to raise my vibe now by telling of my latest joys! Putting Roan in the sling for the first time -- oooh, he LOVES it. Practically slept in it alllllll...
Thanks, Jen. I'm 6 days PP. I think we've accepted visitors too soon. Canceling visits for today and this weekend. I'm feeling like I did right before I got mastitis with Finn -- and I'm doing all I can to think healing thoughts...
Wow, I NEVER thought to check here! L. J. thanks for the heads up. My Little Wonders, I was JUST talking about you!!! Mamas, please send some healing vibes this way. This new mama of 2 is feeling weak and feverish -- I guess I'm doing too much too soon. Help me manifest HEALTH AND VITALITY!!
I'm a free-birthing Mama! This will be my 2nd UC, first one is in my siggy.
Christina for you. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you. Always trust your intuition, it won't steer you wrong.
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