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I'm a little hesitant to post this, but I'm going to, under the wonderful veil of some internet anonymity.   I am 29 weeks pregnant with our first.  Don't get me wrong.  This baby was certainly planned and wanted - I was an infertility patient who had success after just a few rounds of Clomid, so I feel like we got off easy there.    However, in the past week, I've been having a mini-freak out.  Now I'm terrified of having this baby.  I'm terrified of paying for...
Hi all.  I'm fairly new, but I belong here!  I'm expecting #1 on July 1st, 2012.  DH and I are thrilled (this is a Clomid baby).  Right now, we're planning on a birth center birth for our first - wish us luck!  We're not planning on finding out the gender - we want to be surprised.    KF
Hi all. I'm looking for some recommendations for some fertility and/or charting apps for my iPhone. DH and I are TTC and I keep the rest of my life organized on this thing, so might as well add my charting, right? So what have you used and what do you like?? TIA.
A friend (who just had her first baby!) offered to loan me her OvWatch for awhile. She said all I have to do is buy a new sensor (?). While I've read their page on the internet (www.ovwatch.com), wanted to know if anyone here has any personal experiences with this device? TIA.
Hi all. First time poster, long time lurker. Now I have a question, so I decided to speak up. DH and I are currently TTC. I have PCOS, but have done everything I can to manage it naturally. Unfortunately, even after a bunch of weight loss and getting my diet and lifestyle under control, I still wasn't ovulating. Now, with the little miracle known as Metformin, I'm now ovulating (at least, the OPKs say I am!) and my cycles seem to have evened out somewhat and...
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