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Oh no! One thing I really liked at our pediatric dentist is that they had an isolation room with lots of rolling stools and a regular dental chair. While the child will fit, the dentist and hygienist will allow you to have your child straddle your lap, nose-to-nose with you. They then roll up knee-to-knee and the child lays back, still in your lap and still eye-to-eye with you. It worked marvelously for my two. Perhaps, in addition to visiting the dentist with you, you may...
Does anyone have or know children there?  We're planning to move this summer from south Pierce County to somewhere with more to offer and schools are driving our decision pretty hard.  I'll save my questions but would love general impressions!   Thanks mamas! Gretchen
Thank you! I was about to buy it on Amazon!
I make a spray bottle of half vinegar, half water and a squeeze of dish soap and whenever I see ants, I spchase them down with the spray and it kills them right away. It isn't, of course, dong anything for the underlying problem but when you walk in the kitchen and are faced with a bunch, it's an effective way to kill them.
Thanks! I've PM'ed you. Anyone with experience in the Bethel School District?
I think many states have gone to this kind of test - at some grade level (in Indiana it's in third) you take a reading test, in particular, and if you don't pass, you don't move on, no matter how well you did in your report card. I'd definitely think this this warrants a conversation with the school. I'd be inclined to keep the girls together. I'm on a school board and I'm really not surer depending on how the law is set up, that this is something the school can just...
Hi, My family is moving to Washington in about a month. My husband will be working in Eatonville. We are considering living in the Suth Hill area of Puyallup. I'm curious how you've found the elementary schools. Which school has your child(ren) attended? Which high school has the best reputation and strongest academic offerings (IB program or AP classes)? Has anyone had a child in the high ability program? If so, how is it? Has anyone dealt with twin placement? Thanks!...
 I am terribly sorry if I offended, but you are right, I do not understand how I offended.   I was speaking specifically towards the idea of charter schools and that, at least in our broader community, people who don't know much about them have the impression, incorrectly, that they are a "dumping ground" of sorts for children who just weren't making it elsewhere. I do not believe this is the case at our school.  We do have children who were not finding success...
I store our winter books with our winter decorations and those are really the only seasonal books we have that I'm not interested in reading mid-summer or other random times of the year. My children are quite excited about the books when we open the boxes and I do enjoy seeing them after a ten or eleven month break.
Love our Miele.  We have a Red Star that's been going strong for eleven years; not sure if the exact model is made any longer.  We only have a few area rugs and it works like a charm.
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