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Quote: Originally Posted by MotherEden I'm Black and I would LOVE that gift, so if any one the board members dont want it...send it over here LOL!!! Thanks!
Thanks! I thought so too. I wanted to pick somehting that they could use with their families, great stress reliever.
Well thanks for the support you guys, I feel alot better about my choice. This was a really important deal for my VP to want to do this for the committee and I wanted to make sure I picked out something they will really like. They will be very surprised as well. Thought you would like to see the gift. http://picnictime.com/products.php?pid=44
Yep! That's exactly what they were talking about on the radio, lynchings and such. Honestly that was the first I heard of it.
Ok, first off I must say that I myself am Black. I refrain from using the politically correct "African American" because it seems every couple of decades we have to re-identify and I am comfortable with just being Black. So....the reason for this thread. I was asked by my VP to find a creative gift to give to my committee members. All of us are Black. I found a great picnic backpack with a wine holder, napkins, wine glasses, detachable blanket, plates, you name it...
My mom sent it to me today, I was shocked! Been going around since 2001 huh? Sheesh!!!!! Oh well, it's still fun.
Ok, DON'T CHEAT!! First go get a calculator (trust me it's worth it). Second, don't scroll down to the bottom, do each question first or you will ruin it and wish you had done it correctly the first time when you hear all the other ladies be totally amazed! Here we go!!!! YOUR AGE BY CHOCOLATE MATH DON'T CHEAT BY SCROLLING DOWN FIRST! It takes less than a minute . Work this out as you read ... Be sure you don't read the bottom until you've...
There was a billboard up today that must have just been put there. It's to help a little boy who is very sick. The website has information about his illness. I think it's a great idea and my hat goes off to the parents for this idea. There is some video of the boy having one of his "attacks". Hope someone can help them. http://www.cure4cole.com/
Thanks, I will certainly do that.
Saw "Making The Video" and the acutal video last night, it premiered. They are playing it on MTV2 right now, I guess later it will run on the regular MTV station. I just happened to pull up to my neices house as she received a phone call from someone on the set who said it would be airing within 5 minutes. It was different from what the original pitch was, she's one of a couple of girls. She's the one who is sitting on the couch on the right hand side (looking...
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