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From Celebrity Baby Blog The Office's Melora Hardin recently sat down with American Baby to discuss her homebirth, extended nursing, and attachment parenting practices, as well as how she deals with sibling squabbles and the importance of individual time with mom. The 40-year-old actress is mom to Rory Melora, 6 ½, and Piper Quincy, 3, her daughters with actor Gildart Jackson. http://www.celebrity-babies.com/2008...in-o.html#more
Can someone tell me when is the time this year? is the a thread yet? A
A friend is having an MRI soon. Will she have to pump and dump? If so for how long? Anyone have Hales? A
I'd like to be a helper mom again this year. Will someone please post here when then forum is live? I don't check in much these days as I am very busy at work. A
can someone either pm or email me about the new LOA forum? Thanks A
Can I join you guys? I was trying to read all of that main secret thread but It is too daunting. I am manifesting this week: I am so grateful that I will hear I got my dream job (which I interviewed for a week or so ago) before Saturday when I leave for vacation. Amy
question tracy- I will be on vacation from the 14-21 and it won't be easy for me to do a treasure map. I really want to do one this year. WOuld it be better for me to do it before or after? Thanks a
skype skype skype dd knows all of your dutch relatives from 'seeing' them often on the webcam. she also keep in touch with my parents in sf this way ...and once you buy the camera the rest is FREE
Quote: Originally Posted by choli It IS a fabulous city, isn't it? My kids go to St John's in North End. I love Boston but I do miss is SF. We live in Charlestown and just found out GA got into The Advent School for next year. If we can figure out how to pay for it she'll be there I hope for the next 8 years. A
Quote: Originally Posted by choli City! I love being able to walk to work through the Public Garden. Choli- Do you live in Boston? We do. It's a fabulous city. DH grew up here and I grew up in SF so we are both city people all of the way. Side question for your since you have older kids. WHere do they go to school? Amy
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