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We went for a Neverland theme...Tinkerbell, Captain Hook & the crocodile (working on chewing off my hand)
Larkish - are you interviewing as in looking for a midwife? sorry, was confused.   anyway, Deb Phillips has been my midwife for both DD and DS and I would highly recommend her. We plan on TTC sometime this year and I'll be giving her another call. DD can't wait to start going to see Deb again...she loves to visit.  
DD is 29m and DS is 2m and i have been tandem nursing them. before DS came, DD was practically weaned. my milk dried up and she would "nurse" for 15-30 seconds and let go. Now that i have plenty of milk, she wants it all the time. before DS came, i told her how he would need lots of "mommy milk" and from the time he was born, she's only been allowed to nurse 3x/day (morning, nap and bedtime) except for while she was sick. now if she's asking to nurse at other times, and I...
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