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I just put in a join request to the FB group... Kim Soapsalot. :)
I talked with my midwife at my last visit about this (because the test would be taken at my next appt). I was going to get the test done but after talking with her, I'm declining the gbs swab for several reasons: 1) I've yet to have a labour that is 4+ hours long. Antibiotics need to be started 4 hours before birth. Well, my last daughter was born minutes after arriving at the hospital so... yeah.  2) My babies have all either been born in the caul or it broke as their...
I've been so very exhausted throughout the pregnancy. My iron stores were low from the beginning.... was trying to up that with iron rich foods, etc. Had my results back from blood work done at around 27 weeks and my iron stores were completely depleted. Started iron supplementation and upped my greens intake and have been feeling much better. Tired still but feeling more normal for this stage of pregnancy. 
It is a very quiet ddc!   I'm 33 weeks and starting to feel uncomfortable with sciatic pain and swelling. Not too bad though when comparing  to the last 3 pregnancies. This pregnancy has been SO different that I'm praying I go early! But I'm sure like all the other times I'll see the edd come and go and Ill be okay with that I suppose.    I don't have much done at all and am starting to stress about it. Money has been very tight lately and my dh has been having some...
Okay, is anyone else excited that next month is our birthing month?!  I'm excited and a little stressed. I have done next to nothing to prepare for this baby, now might be a good time to start. ;)
This is the first pregnancy (out of 4) that I've had really strong food cravings. I went through a phase of only wanting cobb salad, then french onion soup, eggs (especially in sandwiches), meat and now pineapple. I am obsessed with pineapple!!  Anyone else with strong cravings?
I've always tested negative but something "feels different" this time around. So I've started following the advice from Wellness Mama (love her!). 
I'm using mama cloth this time around. I've been using cloth since my youngest daughter was born (she's 4) and can't imagine going to disposables. I buy most of mine from Homestead Emporium, they're fantastic!
Last time I gave my midwife a coffee gift card and made her a suncatcher (a pregnant woman with a crystal in  her belly).  This time, I'm giving her some artisan soaps (I make soaps) and a gift card. Easy peasy!
I used to encapsulate placentas and I've never encapsulated a lotus placenta but I too would suggest the Gloria Lemay method.  Personally, I'm leaving the placenta attached to my baby for several hours after birth and will be keeping it on a bowl of ice that's been covered until I've decided I'm ready to detach the placenta from my baby. I'll be encapsulating my placenta yet again after this birth. 
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