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BTW.. little kids don't exhibit many "signs" of UTIs except for a fever. I mean, they all go thru stages of strong urine in their dipes, etc... my DS has a serious kidney condition & shows scant ourtward signs.. I have many urinary problems & have not hadmany symptoms. I still don't get why they want to do a cath when they have a cause of infection... I've not ever heard of a connection between RSV & intact boys & UTIs esp being that your DS in not under 3...
that's BS... they want to blame all these UTIs on intact little babes/boys... well guess what... that's nonsense ! it's funny, ASA a Dr sees an intact baby, they all go into the same spiel... our DS has hydronephosis of his L kidney,... since he was in utero.. OMGosh.. all the Drs prepared for the barrage of UTIs he was gonna have w. the hydro let alone when he was born & we left him intact.. OMG.. this kid was not gonna have any non-UTI days if you listened to...
that's why we no longer discuss our no-vax status with anyone
why start now ?? they are way worse now than we were kids, well let's say when I was a kid & when my DD (almost 26 yo) was a kid... none of us gets any... oh yeah, I got chicken pox when I was 40... I got a bad case but did just fine & didn't die as the CDC would lead you to believe
OMG--- nothing should be done for a minor skin break for a pet dog. does your dog eat wild critters he catches around your home? I've never heard of a dog carrying tetnus. I've been bit approx 10 times by dogs (mostly little dogs ) & about 25 x by cats.... the ONLY, ONLY time I ever went to get a T shot is when I was bit several times by a feral cat mama that I know ate mice & birds around where I lived. It's a proven fact that dogs' mouths are cleaner. I'd...
no difference !! every intact guy I've been with never went thru xtra cleaning ritual... & they were just fine.
it's not too bad... good deep sound.. not too "tinty" . It's a First Act" brand.. you can adjust the sound of each drum like the a big set. hes keep pretty good rhythm so it's not too bad
the drums are a HUGE hit..... OMGosh - DS opens a gift & runs back to the drum saying.. "I love this" "a 1-2-3-4" while clicking his stick above his head rock on DS
Quote: Originally Posted by geek_the_girl Thank you SOOOOO Much for doing this!!!!!! You are wonderful people! This made my night hearing how you helped them. THX !! anything for our furfriends
Quote: Originally Posted by jeca I never heard this before, tell me more. Dh's family celebrates 3 King's Day on january 6th. I had never heard of that before either until I met him. Is it linked? we do gifts on Jan 6 do not take down the tree
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