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Before I go to bed.. I have to go around & check if everyone is breathing: DS, DH, Cats, dogs, birds...is the fish still swimming ? then I get into bed & do it all again & make sure DS didn't take that "coach's whistle" to bed wher it will choke him
what we gave today: an animal shelter in a neighboring county put out a plea in the paper2 days ago for needed item donations to give the cats/dogs a good Xmas. they get almost zero funds from the county & rely on donations. DH went out for the 4th time late last night & got huge bags of dog/cat food, shampoo, cleaning supplies, enough toys/treats for all the sweeties discarded by crappy owners. He drove a few hours round trip to be Santa to the furbabies. I couldn't...
Happy Birthday Mama
that would be us
that would be us
Quote: Originally Posted by Apricot I'm sick - or getting sick. It hurts soo bad to swallow. It's making me less fun. I sniped at my dh b/c the house is soooo messy and it's mostly his stuff that's cluttering it now, anyway, that's getting in the way of celebrating together - the aftermatho of the argument. I really enjoyed hanging with his family today. UGH - so what was sprayed over the US that so many of us are sick from 1 end of...
I've rescued approx 10 adult kitties (strays off the street) & never had a problem. In fact, I just keep plopping them in the litter box sever times & they just "get it" - We also somewhat confined them to a bathroom w/ litter box, food/water or 1 of the dogs' huge crates w/ all the above t help with the transition & give them a save place to chill for a while. I have /had 3 adult strays - 1 was feral - & had not a problem. Turned them all into indoor-only cats. We...
" I absolutely, positively do not like TO-mah-toes" I so love the dialogue
good choclolate for DH, crayons a few small books for DS treats & toys for felins & K9s oooh I got myself choc covered express beans tho DH got something for mine
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