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Quote: Originally Posted by swellmomma I give suggestions if asked but I strive to teach my kids gratitude for all gifts that are given even if they are ones that I would not normally buy. NOw things like the easy bake oven my sister bought dd 2 years ago is in storage until she is old enough to safely use it but that has been the only time something was received that had not been very well thought out and suited to my children, even if it is plastic and...
Quote: Originally Posted by Imogen I am planning to go and see this film next weekend. But I'm really worried about the dog in the film. I can't stomach films when something bad happens to animals. But I so want to see it. Peace OMG- me too ! don't hurt the animals... dammit !! when I watched Narnia for the 1st time... I almost stopped when Aslan let himself murdered Quote: How was working with the dog? Francis...
on Disney via BBC - DS & I love this cartoon "I have this little sister Lola...."
Quote: Originally Posted by Calidris Your and your DH's gifts to each other are matching ear plugs, right? good idea
no sadly, everything ends o the 26th instead of taking it to Jan 6 = 3 Kings Day AKA the 12 days of Xmas. It makes me really sad that 2 wks later, Valentine's Day stuff will be out ICK :
MamaG... I just recently popped in a few weeks ago.. how's the DD & the dog & SO? Heck, what's not to love? kids getting a kick out of lights & trees, dogs eating wrapping paper, cats eating ribbon & having colored litter box presents, singing "Jingle Bells" for the 2000th time , food sweets, alcohol..everyone kissing one another, watching Christmas Vacation, Scrooged & 24 hrs of A Christmas Story... hmmmmm lingerie oh yeah... the best of all............ DS just...
YEA !!!!
OMGosh... (( HUGS ))) I might have missed what happened but do not feel compelled to explain just ((( HUGS )))) my DS might be facing surgery so I can only imaginwe how you're feeling
I have Andy Williams "It's the most wonderful time of the year" on my cell phone. gotta watch: Nat'l Lampoons Xmas Vacation "Sh!tter's Full" Scrooged "Party Hardy Marty" A Christmas Story "You'll shoot your eye out"
DH is out shopping. I resisted the "Go see what lights are left"...
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