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Quote: Originally Posted by dallaschildren You need to record his first go at it and put it on Youtube. omgosh... you know it !! thanks mamas ! he;s has one of those first act single drums for 2 yrs & cracked the 1 side from playing it so much.. will check back in a few days of playing to let you know if we are "all of these above" I'm sure the dogs will just love it too... DS thinks it great fun to make the dogs howl when he hits...
wanna hear another big plus... the German Shep they used in the film was rescued from a local pound, trained for the movie then was gound a home the movie looks awesome !!
so MANY people just believe whatever a Dr or whoever tells them b/c it's been done this way for a long time.. it's not even ignorance.... JMHO, I find when I gently try to correct myths about intactness & b'feeding.. I find many people get downright nasty, know-it-all, don't even want to hear it....b/c they heard from a friend, fam member or Dr... that's what I encounter, at least here in PA which is so mainstream that I've seen 3 other slings since having DS 4 yrs...
for Jess & Amy ::: to all your families during this time. Papa - special big for you & your little ones... we think of you & Jess & the boys all the time . Please, please keep coming to MDC.... even if just to lurk, cry, scream, vent or just needing some support & kind words.. I think all of us have pretty strong shoulders to carry some of your weight.
great feedback
Quote: Originally Posted by Arduinna Sure, but only if you bring some tamales to share yummmmm OMG.. tamales... I miss AZ
"I am polka123 & I have an LED light addiction"
I'm right there with ya .. we drove by the front of the house tonight & I said.. "It looks bare, we need more lights..." I'm still adding decor also
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