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1- out of my freakin' mind 2- drunk 3- having an out-of-body experience 4- caught up in the holly & mistletoe : 5- trying to be a good Mama by seeing if DS's natural talent blooms 6- all of the above 7- none of the above - please explain FOR getting a little but complete DRUMSET :: for DS (4 yo) for Christmas ? BTW- DH & I made a joint decision for the : set
OMG... (((( HUGS )))) go out & rent either of these: Nat'l Lampoon's Xmas Vacation "Sh!tter's Full" Scrooged "Party Hardy Marty" A Christmas Story = "you'll shoot your eye out"
instead of a power struggle.. just donate the toys & if you feel like it, tell her ! if she lays some crap like, "I used my hard earned $$ or picked that out special...." then you can state your case AGAIN... ((( hugs )))
Poodles are incredibly SMART.. she is probably very confused & doesn't know where her space in "her new pack" just yet... awwww, poor thing... ITA about the crate thing/or baby gate with a blankey to lie on... do you have anything for the former owners home? can you get a small throw rug or towel ? Give the new dog her own space... don't assume that they need to share space & even tho things are cool now. I think why she's trying to keep DC from you - I think...
Quote: I don't hang out with people who scoff at my intuition any more me neither. I also started trusting my STRONG "gut feelings" instead of trying to suppress them Sage SS - I hear ya...I always had this thought in my head, "Who are these children & why am I little like them?" I also tend to really connect with animals.. always have since I was a toddler. Adults were amazed that I always ran up to the dog that bite people & like no one...
dontcha love that !! I love animals
what was he tested for?
me too
TOTALLY !! would be very cool My DH used to patrol around Gettysburg battlegrounds many yrs ago (long b/f we met) he's got some wild stories. empath? me? very very possible. some odd things, feeling, etc have happened to me around me... other stuff since I was very young. any of you never really feel like a kid when you were little ? YKWIM?
INTACT... & so will future kids & I hope grandkids
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