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you have some great ideas so far !! many viable actions 1- breed(s) of dog ? any # of breeds can exhibit a high prey drive (not meaning "kill") such as German Sheps (mine) - its the herding/play instinct & that also drives the dogs to be trained as K9s, seeing eye dogs, PD K9s, seizure dogs which also involves the play drive which is big indicator for training. My sheps herd the cats all the time- sight hounds such as greyhounds chase their "prey" sporting dogs-...
OMG - our 4 kitties (all strays/rescues) are so weird we have a solid black F shorthair that thinks she's a dog 1 day & hunter cat the next. she gets really high on menthol smells : muscle rub like bengay, icy hot or vick's vaporub... omg she takes a huff of that & she's trippin'. then runs around like crazy, collapses to the floor, washs herself & sleeps we have a huge Maine coon male (18+lbs) that thinks he's the male lion of the 3 f- kitty pride... he's so big...
OMG - they are sooo cute. you got tons of great advice ! thanks Mama for taking in this kitty mama !! (((((((( HUGS ))))))) I would do a gentle wormer for Mama & kittens when they are old enuf since she was a stray. I'm anto vax on most cases except when I foster rescue animals that are strays or from pounds esp it you have other critters @ home. You can vax your own rescue pets @ a fraction of the price of a Vet. you just can't do rabies but you can...
no, we tried to be
for the families too many tears to write
done - so sorry for the loss of your wonderful friend.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lisa Lubner The dog has tags, so I would hesitate to bring it into my car and bring it to the pound. Not to mention, I really don't need the fleas in my car. I really don't want the dog to be euthanized. Also, I live in a small town, the closest bigger city is two hours away... I can't find anything other than the local animal control that is through the PD. I think I'm just going to keep the dog here and call AC next...
could be diet & have his thyroid checked. 1 of my Sheps was loosing her hair & her thyroid was slightly low. thyroid meds are very cheap could have allergies to corn, chicken, etc in the food give omega 3s also
can you a cheap tarp & make a little covered area for poochie?
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