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awww, sounds like you had a wonderful day!
BTW - we left out 5 cats for wekk with my neighbor coming over 1X/day to feed & clean litter & they were fine. the dogs went to boarding
I think - you may want to check - buy the UK's quarantine is 30 days ?? do check. that would not be worth the cats' trip over there plus more trauma. If you could take the cat right off the plane, then I'd do that. I've not traveled for years b/c of my pets. I finally found a great boarding place now but am still leery about leaving them. IMHO, cats can do a little better w/out human contact & a sitter coming over a few X's daily would be OK -
~~~~~~~~~~healing vibes~~~~~~~~~~~~
Quote: Originally Posted by QueenOfThePride I just took some pics of Nikki http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v6...o/P1010003.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v6...o/P1010002.jpg what a beautiful dog hope you get some answers soon FTR - I would not stop the meds - I know this ? was not directed @ me but had to add my POV
Quote: Originally Posted by candipooh No advice just a hug I know how pets can feel like another child. ITA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~healing vibes~~~~~~~~~~
this would be my house
not to be morose but on a fav family member's day of passing, we do something THEY would like to do as an honor. I get all those diff. day celebrations in an email so we pick different ones thruout the year. May 15: National Peace Officers Memorial Day (lower flags to half staff) - I lite blue candles & put blue ribbons out here's a link to: FUN HOLIDAYS
the adults do a shot/take a drink (pick your poison ) at the exact time someone was born. then you are officially the age you're celebrating ! I make a big b'fast for the birthday person (a la' Denny, etc)
(((((((((hugs)))))))))) to your DD & you very sorry ~~~~~~~~prayers~~~~~~
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