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Well, A Shot In the Dark is good, on the DPT. Evidence of Harm by David Kirby is supposed to be a good look at the mercury question. Neil Z. Millers books are good.
According to the articles the level considered "normal" is probably too low, it is sub optimal. Not every vegan or vegetarian will however be running low on B12. One of the crucial tests is to check out homocystein levels, and methyl malonic acid. It they are elevated it is a sign of possible low levels. I personally still like to look at my tongue. The one time I was low on B12 ( I was anaemic at the time), my tongue sure did have the strawberry patch on the...
Well Christacular, you have an interesting name. Enough said. But what! You didn't dig Dr Gabrielle Cousins article?!! He is one of THE vegan gurus I hear. Anyway, I thought it was great. But each to their own. The 2nd article may mention meat but is still very useful. I am a total vegetarian, but I still respect the WestonPrice people for their indepth knowledge of nutrition.
Quote: Richella wrote~ Um . . . these are not vegetarian foods Ummm, yes I didn't need you to tell me that... Christella's article is good, but I think the two I posted links to at the top of this thread are even better. And the most comprehensive of all is this one: http://www.veganhealth.org/b12/all
Nutritional yeast, if fortified with B 12 , will definitely help. But according to the articles I am reading it would be better to make sure you have a variety of sources. Some of these sources could be organic eggs, kefir, goats milk yoghurt, and of course supplements. Aged cheeses are another source. Fish and shellfish (especially clams) are a source, but for me those are out. I am going to cover my bets by taking a quality supplement. I am also going to...
An interesting case: Quote: 80 Year Old Vegan Not Supplementing with B12 Develops Nerve Problems Damage Bernstein (2000, USA) describes a man in his eighties who had been in excellent health, and was a runner. He had been vegan for 38 years and attributed his ability to outperform younger people to his diet. In the span of a few weeks, mental disturbances began to set in. He cried, was confused, got lost, was incontinent, lost control of his bowels, and lost...
Starve him for a few days, and then offer him a dinner with only vegetables.
For me it has been thru eating goats milk kefir, and the occasional piece of cheese. I haven't eaten eggs for a while. But what are your sources if you don't eat shellfish and meat?
Are you getting enough vitamin B 12? According to studies vegetarians, vegans and rawfooders are commonly deficient:http://www.rawfoods.com/articles/b12article.html Great article with some novel ways of getting your B 12 levels back up... Quote: Human research also has shown if you eat your feces, you will get enough B- 12. Dr. Herbert sponsored research in England where vegan volunteers with a documented B-12 deficiency were fed B-12 extractions made...
Canola is not a good oil to cook with. Olive is better, but not ideal. The most healthy oil to cook with, because it's properties don't change is coconut oil. And make sure you don't use a teflon coated frying pan. It causes cancer. Look up coconut oil on mercola.com
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