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I decided to be veg when I was 10. It was mostly b/c so many of my friends at my school (Waldorf) were veg. I stayed vegetarian for maybe a year. The thing I look back on now is that my parents knew nothing about it, so (for example) they'd give me my potatoes and salad and I'd be lacking a protein. They didn't substitute for a vegetarian one...just kept the meat to themselves. Not very sustaining for me! Maybe that was their point? Lol.
How can I find more info on NACD?
This advice is all extremely helpful; thanks so much! We definitely are okay with wearing the same thing more than once, but DD is known to get stained up quickly Maybe not safe to have one of something, but two should be okay. I think I'll go for 2 jumpers, 2 sweaters, 2 pants, 2 turtlenecks, and a skirt, and take it from there. Thanks!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Coco99 It is so gay friensly that we ended up in a 4plex leased by a couple of gay guys and that was full of gay families... without even knowing it until we got there. If you pick ogunquit, ill let you know who they are of you want to ! Also, there is a gay bar too if you like that sort of thing (we dont but hey, some people do !!). We did make reservations in Ogunquit. Gay bar...sounds fun...those were the days. ...
In the fall my daughter's school will require uniforms. I'd love advice from other moms as to how many of each thing I need and where I might find used uniforms online. Note: my daughter's a girly girl, so dresses (jumpers) are definitely going to be one of her favorite things. We live in the cold so turtlenecks will also be necessary in the winter months (they're okay as part of the uniform). We're on a budget so whatever would be minimal that we could get...
Would love to know what kinds of alternative therapies others are trying with SN kids and how they have been working. I'll go first... We do craniosacral therapy each week and it's been amazing. The therapist trained at the Family Hope Center and it has really helped our baby. We are seeing an acupuncturist next week (for acupressure). Also seeing a macrobiotic counselor for help with DD's sensitive digestive system.
Cool! Looks like we're going to Ogunquit this year! Thanks for all the recommendations! When we're more social we'll check out Ptown.
Thanks so much for all the replies, everyone. To answer this: Quote: Originally Posted by alexsam Not to get personal (and, you don't even have to answer, but I am SURE that a rabbi will ask), but do you anticipate your children converting too? I'd see if they are willing to meet with your husband too. If it really is a "no go" (not all rabbis do this "turning away" business!), try a reform rabbi. If that doesn't work and you are still passionate...
Quote: Originally Posted by Coco99 Ogunquit is actually very gay-friendly... but touristy ;-) That's funny that you mentioned it...was just earlier thinking it looked great, but wasn't sure about the gay-friendliness factor. Thanks for all the recommendations! Now it's narrowed down to P-town or Ogunquit.
We're planning for a beach vacation this summer and since I've never ever been to a beach on the east coast, I'd love some recommendations for places that aren't too touristy or homophobic. Thanks!!
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