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Congratulations!!! I hope that I will be able to say the same when my baby DD's a year old!
I don't have a teen, but I was one not all that long ago. I had a friend in middle school whose mother smoked, and her mom took her outside once and made her smoke 3 cigarettes in a row. She thought that it would gross her out and make her so sick that she'd never smoke again. Less than a year later, my friend snuck some of her mom's cigarettes and we smoked outside together. My friend wasn't repelled by cigarettes like her mom thought she'd be. Nor was I, when I...
I too read that Vitamin D is as important, if not more important, than C to ward off illness. I have been taking it religiously. I take a vegan D2 (Deva brand) and I take 2 or 3 800 mg tablets per day. My baby gets it through breastfeeding from me, and she hasn't been sick (knock on wood). As for my 6 yr old, I give her a D2 spray (Pure Vegan brand) 2-3 sprays per day. She too has been very healthy all winter. I will also add that this is the first winter I've...
Quote: Originally Posted by bluebirdmama1 I have also learned that if he is colicky he sleeps bad, so I have been addressing that by not eating onions, cabbage, and collards. life without collards???!! That would be so tough
Quote: Originally Posted by Gillian28 I've been using Tom's fluoride-free for children for my 12 month old (just an itty bitty dab). What's wrong with sodium lauryl sulfate? It's supposedly cancer causing.
I was vegan and vegetarian before I omitted gluten, soy, and dairy. Now I added fish back in my diet. I've always been veg b/c I think it's healthier, not because of the "poor animals" so I'm still keeping away from meat, but I think low-mercury fish is a very healthy "meat" option. I completely understand though with so many restrictions. It's very hard. We eat a lot of rice and beans
Quote: Originally Posted by texaspeach does any one know when babies are "supposed" to double their birth weight? I have heard 4 months and 6 months. and when calculating do you use their true birth weight or the low weight? ds lost almost a lb at birth so it makes a big difference. he was 9lb8oz at birth and was 15lb 1oz at 4 months, not sure what he is now. I read recently it was by 5 months...so somewhere in between what you heard I...
I LOVE their products and forgot about their individually wrapped cookies! Thanks!!!
She just started at a new kindergarten and they let the parents bring in desserts for birthdays or other special occasions, which happens at least once a week. DD is gluten-free/dairy-free/soy-free. We need a snack that is shelf-stable that we can leave in her cubby just in case. My first thought was Lara Bars, but she can't have nuts b/c it's a 'nut free classroom'. I can't think of anything else "fun", just things that she considers boring like fruit leathers. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by JamSamMom I made the vegan enchiladas Raene posted last week and they were outstanding! Yay! And thanks for that recipe..we'll definitely be trying it soon!
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