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It just clicked a few days ago...my daughter is showing SO many symptoms of mercury poisoning from the mouthful of cavities she has. It is so upsetting b/c I knew better but they talked me into it and when I asked if there was mercury in the fillings they gave me a blank look. They've been in her mouth for 3 years now. Some of her teeth are starting to get loose, but the fillings are in the molars, so those will be there for quite a while I guess. I've read a...
We use 1 Loopy Do + the insert that came with the BumGenius. The Loopy Do's are amazing (Super Dos are even more amazing) and we've never had a leak. We *did* have leaks with the BG AIOs so we ended up using covers on top of them...that did the trick. Good luck!
Here's Cedar in her highchair. She's not eating yet, but I thought I'd put her in it so she could be a part of the family meals. http://www.flickr.com/photos/37154535@N04/4310052116/ She's almost sitting up on her own now and is suddenly making many more new sounds. Nothing like feeling annoyed that your baby is waking you up wayyyy too early but then forgiving them as soon as you see their cute little smiles and babbling. They're so amazing
Quote: Originally Posted by wombatclay welcome! yay for vans and boo for car problems! Anyone still losing hair? I'm gonna be bald soon if this doesn't stop. Oh yes...my whole family is disgusted! I don't remember it being like this before.
I just went through this process here in NY. The Catholic school had never dealt with someone who wasn't immunized before. I wrote a letter to the diocese explaining my religious beliefs re: vaccinations. It took a month but eventually I was approved. Good luck!
Interesting. I too watched that movie while pregnant and I regretted it. Not what I wanted to see as a homebirthing mama (or any mama...I didn't think about it being about the "home" part so much as just the birthing in general).
My baby wasn't able to nurse because her jaw was so tight when she was born. Later, as she grew, I only occasionally tried to nurse her. I haven't tried in a few months now (she's 4 1/2 months old) but sometimes I think about trying again. Has anyone had success teaching an older baby to latch on correctly? (I exclusively pump for her at the moment, so supply isn't an issue).
I do this too. It was my diet. Or, it was the radiation from the plane flight while in the early stages of pregnancy. Or, it was my fault for drinking city water. Etc etc. I totally understand where you're coming from.
Should've also mentioned my DH is not Jewish nor has any wish to convert. Is the liberal synagogue in my town that is affiliated with the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism likely not to be accepting of me because of this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Mamabeakley How is your LO? I remember that she was very ill at birth, but I don't remember seeing much about how she progressed - but she must be doing pretty well if she's creeping & almost sitting! She's doing very well. Actually, she rolled over this morning for the first time now! So...never mind She's a very healthy baby, just tiny (10 pounds now). She doesn't seem far behind, other than not being able...
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