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I had my first garden last year and the okra did great. Planted it inside first, moved the little sprouts to my outdoor square foot garden, and they did great. I'm sorry you didn't have such luck. Okra just LOVES hot...hot and no shade is just fine. We honestly didn't even water ours but maybe once a week and it did fine. I'm originally from Texas and I'm sure you have to water them more down there, but that's the kind of climate they thrive in.
Quote: Originally Posted by tankgirl136 HappyMommaBear you have a very funny typo in their OMG I had to read that several times to get it, but LMAO now! Humor is great for pregnant mamas
Here's something else interesting: During the Black Plague, a band of thieves went around robbing the dying and dead. Upon their capture, the magistrate offered to spare their lives if they would reveal how it was they protected themselves. The bandits (spice merchants and perfumers) relied on an old Egyptian alchemist's recipe: herbs and essential oils of lemon, cinnamon, clove, rosemary, and eucalyptus. Clove - Clove oil is the most powerful known antioxidant on...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aquafina Interesting any links to this I bet we would like to all read more about this I know I would Cinnamon and "Swine Flu" by Michael Rivero April 27, 2009 Aloha y’all! Apologies if you received this twice. Our mail server choked on the first try and some emails went out but most did not. As you know, Claire and I are not usually prone to sending out mass emails to our mailing list, but in this...
I love this idea...wonder how it would work with a curriculum like Oak Meadow? I'm so broke, too. If anyone already has Sue's book and is finished with it I would love to buy a used copy or even just borrow a copy and mail it back. Please PM me if you have one to pass along/sell. Whoops...noticing now...they are e-books?
Quote: Originally Posted by petit_bleuet I hadn't planned a big brother party (sounds like the government is listening ) but I will have to schedule his birthday party early.
I have the Oak Meadow curric, but I haven't been wanting to spend the money on the craft package since I already have some of the items. Is there a good site to get cheaper Waldorf things like the main lesson books and beeswax? Thank you!
During the 1918 flu outbreak, an odd thing was noticed. Workers at cinnamon factories never caught the Spanish flu. Natural cinnamon dust blocked the flu virus from entering the body. To be technical, cinnamon might not prevent you from catching this particular flu, since it is a hybrid, but it will help to reduce the hemorrhagic edema from the bird flu component, which is the actual cause of death.
Our DD has been an only child for 5 years and sharing us with the baby is going to be a big transition for her. I am thinking we will throw her a Big Sister Party right before the baby comes in celebration of her new role. Has anyone done this or planning to? I have started a wish list and I'd love some great ideas. Or just ideas in general for the party.
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