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Well in the case of sneaking into dad's office, lock the door if you don't want her in there.  Cookies are pretty hard to resist;)  Instead of asking her and giving her a chance to lie, just say I see you dumped dirt, how will you clean it up.  If she says the dog did it or it's magic, you could say something like-I bet that is what you wish happened, now how will you fix this?  4 y/o can still be pretty impulsive so I would make sure if there are things you don't want...
I think i'd start with looking at her general routine-is she getting good amounts of sleep?  eating regularly from  whole, varied foods?  After that i'd try to diffuse situations that regularly set her off if there are patterns.  Once she is hurting people if you can get her removed I don't see anything wrong with that and perhaps you modeling the things you 2 have come up with to calm her down in the moment(say stomping your feet while she's in her room, might trigger...
Does she enjoy the lessons?  Perhaps she's distracted easily because she's not really into it?  If she does enjoy it then i'd do like others suggested and just don't watch:)
Does she take bubble baths?  I've heard that can cause irritation.
There is an online resource for Christian moms and gentle parenting if you're interested, it's gentlechristianmothers.com    Since you are working on switching and I suppose you probably don't have a lot of time to read books, i'd start there.  I think the first step in being gentle with our children is being gentle with ourselves, so make sure you're well rested, eating well and getting some exercise.  When you feel great it's so much easier to deal with the everyday:)
First off, at 3/4 it's still pretty normal to not always be gentle with the animals.  I still had to closely supervise my son and his interactions with our dog at that age.  Can the cat be in a different part of the house when you can't closely supervise?
I got some Hanes bras for my daughter from walmart.com in an XS.  They are bras but not padded.  They were $10.
From your post I think it's not aggressive hitting then right?  Just something that happens accidentally or in play?  In our house I do not let any kids wrestle together, just for the simple fact that esp. at ages 5 and 6 they may not know when it's gone to far.  If someone is hitting with a toy I take it away and direct them to another activity to do together.  If you want the kids to get together perhaps you and the other mom or your DH need to stay close by and maybe...
How does she sleep? 
I know i've told my kids they can write things down when they're thinking that way, it gets it out but so no one else hears, then they can crumple the paper and throw it away.
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