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i'm on dom 120mg a day. i have had 2 PPAF but once i increased to 120mg a day, i haven't seen AF in almost 3 months.got a -HPT. although first you have to DTD. she won't nurse- i'm pumping. soooo.... it's been an uphill battle. the dom really helps- i am able to keep up with her needs. anyway- normal to not have AF with dom?
oh so sweet!!
posted my 6mo portraits on here- http://lrowsey.shutterfly.com
Quote: Originally Posted by annekh23 Just thought I'd drop in and say hi to everyone. Grace was 5 months on Saturday, she's a tiny little thing, weighs 12.5lb and is 24.5 inches long. Developmentally she seems to be pretty much on track, we tried her in an exersaucer and she's strong enough and likes it, but isn't big enough, so her feet don't touch the bottom and she struggles to reach the toys! Still exclusively breastfed, despite a really rough...
oh my goodness! i love his costume! glad to see he is doing so well.
nope- just tried rice cereal because it's supposedly the easiest to digest, and with her being a preemie, it's adjusted age of almost 5 months. knowing her little tummy is still growing, etc.... last night she was grabbing at our dinner, so i figured she might have been more ready. truthfully, i'm not in a hurry to get her on cereal- milk is so much easier! but i know she will cross the bridge soon. i am content to wait, just wondered if anyone had any successes. ...
NOT A FAN. She just doesn't want it. We tried on Tuesday. It went so-so. We let her have a break and tried tonight. Absolutely not a fan. So, we mixed a little pear in it (suggestion from ped) and still, no. Back to bottle only. Guessing she isn't really ready. She also fell asleep while she was drinking her bottle. Maybe she was over-tired. Any tricks to getting cereal down?
I posted pics of Lilah at her 6mo portraits. Thought you guys would like to see: http://lrowsey.shutterfly.com enjoy!
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueWolf Thank you for posting that article. It was incredibly helpful. I think she was stress crying in yesterdays episode. She just suddenly stopped and was a back to being a happy baby. It seems like she's on a nursing strike too. Is it too early for that? She turns up her nose at the breast and sometime starts to scream and cry if I try to nurse her. She'll take pumped breast milk though. mine refuses to nurse,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Penny4Them Hi Mamas, Ds is 4.5 months now and doesn't fall asleep unless he is being held. Anyone have any suggestions for the sleep thing? Anyone have a baby who falls asleep by themself? I'm just curious if I'm expecting this too young. I certainly love cuddling him, but I can't remember when it was my Dds nodded off by themselves. He also has reached a stage where if I don't have my eyes or hands on hin constantly, he...
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