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Quote: Originally Posted by GinaRae Will you share the others with us? I'm looking at options. For phonics we are using: Explode the Code McGuffey Primer and First Eclectic Reader McGuffey for spelling Spectrum's Sight words workbook Bob books For Language arts: Classic Curriculum Reading Classic Curriculum Writing library books on nouns, verbs, etc. First Lang Lessons Well-Trained Mind For art: checking out arts and crafts...
We have been using the k12 program through our state's virtual academy until this past week, starting last year with kindergarten. I've become a little upset over a few logistics of the virtual academy. Having said that I've switched to a school district here in our state that allows you to pick and choose subjects with k12 and then you can supplement on your own. We will be starting with them on Monday. I'm sticking with k12 math program, history program, and science...
My twins were 3.5. One was ready about 2 weeks before the other. I did no training or anything. I just let them take the lead. One morning one twin decided he did not want to wear diapers anymore and that was that.
Sara- I really need to get back to going!
With my twin pregnancy I never did get a positive test result on a hpt.
I waited until they were ready meaning they expressed the interest. One of my twins trained first at about 3 1/2 and the other followed him about 2 weeks later. We never had an accident in the day although my twin who trained first still has problems at night.
Quote: Originally Posted by venustx I agree. It is certainly fun to think about, though. My betas were lower than those of most moms of singletons I know - 99 at 13dpo and 210 at 15dpo, and I have triplets! Mine too. My first pregnancy began as triplets but based on hcg numbers you never would have guessed it since they were very low even for a singleton baby. Even with my twins my numbers we average for a singleton mom. My sister, who just...
There is one in Salem. The address is 741 State Road #198. Their phone number is (801) 423-9111.
Probably not what your wanting but my twins are from a FET in 2004. I'm happy to share anything that your interested in knowing. Procedures have probably changed in the 4 years since I did it but I can share my experience if your interested.
Mine will be 4 shortly and they still bite each other. In fact one twin chases the other yelling "I'm going to bite you." I always try to prevent it but sometimes he's just too quick for me. Lately though the twin being chased has started yelling back "Go ahead but I don't taste good anymore." This usually makes the chaser laugh and he forgets he was going to bite his twin.
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