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Gozal-I second what LuluRoo said. You have such grace, and I'm sad for you but happy that you are doing well with everything. And that your doctors are handling things the way you'd like them to.   Thank you all for the hugs and thoughts. Oh, and I do buy the cheapo test too. :) In bulk! LOL!   Sending good vibes to everyone here!
Weekend Wrap-Up Name:zanelee Age:41 TTC #:3 CD:41-yup, you read that right... DPO (if applicable):6, according to FF. Which I believe, as 6 days ago, I could barely concentrate at work, and then when I got home...welll....Dh was a very happy man. Testing:Wasted more money on those things! Tested plenty of times throughout this loooonnnggg cycle, and all BFN's. Trying Since:5 years now Plan for this Cycle:? Link to Chart (if applicable): Thoughts:Ok, any...
Sorry, no answers here. But you and I are in the same boat, so you're not alone. I'm older (according to doctors) so I've been wondering if this may be the beginning of premenopause for me...:(  
Gozal-keeping my fingers crossed for you too...and praying...   RosieL-That picture cracks me up too! It's not one of our cats, but looks just like one of them.I almost feel like I'm looking up someone's skirt. :O
gozal-praying for you and this little one!!!! Yes, I had a 7 day progesterone. It was done last November and was 15.5ng/ml (that lab's norms are 1.1-21 for luteal phase)   I also just noticed (you'd think I'd be paying closer attention) that my luteal phase is shortening. :( I started back on vitex today (I went off b/c I'd been on it for over 6 years...) to try and help that. Any other suggestions?    
Gozal-How are you doing? I'm so sorry about all of this for you. Hoping things still might turn around.   Rosie-Welcome and may your stay be very short! :)   Monkeyscience-I just noticed in your siggie that you are in texas. I'm in east texas! Howdy neighbor!   Question:My temps have been all over the place since o'ing. Concerned? Yes. What can I do to help keep them up? I'm going to start topical progesterone tonight....any other suggestions? Also-is/could...
Congrats Gozal!!!!! Yippeeeee!!!!  
Kaydove-CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have to agree, great way to start out June! Perhaps you are the start of great things to come for us all. :)   Brichole-(throwing caution to the wind...) Could it be implantation bleeding...?:D Keeping my fingers crossed. And your dh would certainly come around if you were pregnant. I think alot of men have that kinda of panic-y thing thinking that there may be another baby coming...just mho.   I'm still waiting to o. Day 19 now,...
LuluRoo-Thanks for asking. I'm on cd3... I would like some info...and this might make a good sticky somewhere... What does everyone do to help with:cervical mucus, uterine lining, etc.... I am willing to try most anything. I think we'll be heading back to the RE for the "next step", which will probably be clomid.    
Thank you so much, Amatullah0! Another quick question for you... I'm building a site using weebly (It's quite nice) and will be hosting through another site (unsure which one yet). How will I hook the 2 up? (the domain name and the actual site) Is that something that when I publish on weebly, it will do? Thanks again!  I told you I really didn't know too much about this. :)  
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