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Count me in!
Just thought I'd see what everyone else thinks... Is there anything else you'd do? Or do differently? I am 41, a little overweight. (Working on that) We have been TTC #3 for 4 1/2 years now. Dx with cervical cancer about 4 years ago, finally rid of it with a cone biopsy. Not too much cervix left. :( It stenosed down so badly it caused major backflow and abdominal endo. Had surgery to remove it in September 2010. RE who did the sx said he got everything. (Do they...
Prettyasanangel-can you elaborate a bit on the coconut oil? I've not heard that. Thanks!
LESLIESARA!!!! Congratulations!!!! Seems the blessings are falling on you all at once! :) Yippee!!! I've got goosebumps for you!  
I'm definately out. Onward to next month!
Looks like I might be out. Woke up to spotting today. If this is AF, she's about 3-4 days early. Poo!
Well, not 100% sure, but woke up to spotting today....so this is probably AF, 3 or 4 days early. Hmph.
So sorry guys! I'm anxiously waiting and praying. Another person today told me that they are pregnant. Total accident. I'm really trying to be happy for them, and I actually am. But, still pity partying for myself. Trying to stop that. She's the 3rd person recently, and 2 of those were "oops". Still holding out hope....
UGH! I'm 7 DPO and am CRABBY today! Anyone else? Everything is getting on my nerves! Usually I do this and builds to a head literally the moment I start bleeding. But, I'm still a week away from that. Hoping this is a good sign, otherwise, everyone else is just getting griped at for nothing. :)
So sorry Gale!
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