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You must be down here in the south! You can try diatomaceous earth. But be sure to coat the entire mound very well. Other than that, I really don't have any other ideas aside from chemicals. One thing that might help you to know is that when it rains, they breed and spread. So be prepared after a good soaker to find new mounds. Good luck!
How do you night-wean? My 21m ds has just got to night-wean, as he wakes me up repeatedly throughout the night. (Like every couple of hours.) Last night, we tried just holding him, and talking to him and any sweet, comfortable thing we could, but he just through a flaming temper tantrum! And I do mean temper tantrum! I've never felt so guilty in all my life! Is there any hope? Is than another way? FYI, he still nurses throughout the day on demand.
I love this thread! My ds (who is 21 months) calls it/them "sides", or as it sounds coming out of his mouth, "thithes". If I'm not quick enough to his repeated "thithes", I get the ever insistent "pEAs!" He got "sides" from when we'd switch breasts, I'd say something about us switching sides... He's just the cutest thing. All my family thinks it's too funny.
Gale Force-thanks for all your good advice. My diet is getting better now, but it hasn't been all that great in the past. : I've heard of making yogurt at home, but how do you go about it? Is it very hard? We are also working right now at getting rid of yeast overgrowth in both of our bodies, so I'm sure that those little beasties are adding fuel to the fire. Hopefully we'll get to where we need to be soon. Thanks again.
"bump" Still hoping for help.
I really need some advise. I need to know what to do to boost by ds's immune system. Here's the history: 21m, extended bf (Yep, still going VERY strong), eats small amount of food, but I'd guess about half of his diet is still breastmilk. Has had numerous upper resp. illnesses, and a couple of ear infections. When he was still an infant, he had GERD, which now has resolved. He's been on antibiotics for several of the above mentioned illnesses. He stays at home with me,...
Well, I won't be of any help to you. But I just wanted to give you a "bump" in hopes that someone will read this who can. Good luck, hope you find the info you need.
monnie-How do you make your own yogurt? I've been very interested in doing this, but haven't had much luck in figuring it out. You can pm me if you'd rather. Thanks! Jennifer Wifey to Steven, and SAH mama to Gabriel, our precious gift from God
: I know, I know Jennifer
Yes, I admit, I believe that 21 months later, my pregnant brain still pops up every once in a while. Here's my problem: I have a yeast overgrowth in my breasts (and everywhere else), I'm nursing my 21 month old son, so he is having yeasty problems too. So, I went to take grapefruit seed extract and instead, have been taking grape seed extract. Can anyone tell me what it does exactly? Is it safe to take while breastfeeding? Have I done irreprible damage to my son?...
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