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Good luck Rochelle!! Be sure to write down any questions you may have before you get there! Take a copy of your charting too. Let us know how it goes.
I will have to tell right away. I'm a vet tech also, so work would have to know immediately. But we've been trying for 4 1/2 years now, with 1 m/c,. and I just want to shout it out if we get a bfp! :)
Can I join ya'll? I should be starting (hopefully NOT) on the 21st or so. So I will probably test on either dec 23 or 24, depending on any symptoms. I'm being very optimistic this cycle. But my inner pessimist is peaking out every once in a while. Baby dust to everyone! Hopefully we'll all get a BFP for Christmas!  
Weekend Wrap-Up Name: Zanelee Age: 41 TTC #: 3 CD: 20 DPO (if applicable): 3 Testing: N/A Trying Since: for 4 1/2 years Plan for this Cycle: took Guaifenesin pre O along with preseed (I don't have much cervix left, so I need help with the fluids some), bd-ing ALOT-I think we had GREAT timing, and am now trying taking diphenhydramine every 8 hours to see if that will help with implantation Link to Chart (if applicable):I can't remember how to generate the...
Here is a link to the posting I read about this...   http://www.healthboards.com/boards/showthread.php?t=527712&highlight=benadryl
I just read (kind of by accident) that antihistamines taken AFTER ovulation may help with implantation. Anyone ever heard of this, or have any experience with this?
Wallabi-I don't have any idea. I've only used a cream before, but it didn't cause any problems that I noticed. It was an OTC cream too. I do hope the crazie leave you though. Ugh! They are so not fun! Could it be there is too much progesterone? On a side note, I have a question for you ladies...I just o'd and we have everything timed well...I'm considering using the OTC progesterone creme I have again...any thoughts? The only known mc I've had was very early,...
Congrats Lesliesara!!!! Wootness! I'm so excited for you!  
I'm so, so sorry MFG! Hugs!!!
Wow!!! Praying for you all that BFP!!!! Keep sticking babies!!!!   I am still waiting to O. It's coming any day now, so dh has been doing his part. :) I've noticed that I don't feel well every month about O time. (like a cold coming on) anyone else get that?
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