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I don't know...if so I should be safe for a couple of months with as much garlic as I've downed today for a sore throat. I used to work with a woman who claimed that bugs wouldn't come near her because of the garlic she took. Whether that was fact or not, I couldn't tell you.
No more so than you could give me the flu today because you had it 3 years ago.
Quote: Originally posted by jadegirl553 oh my soul! i've been wiping tears away!: you guys know those SNL sketches with Mary Katherine Gallagher smelling her pits? that's how i'm picturing allof ypu right now! :LOL ok, i've got the stink....... but what about the sweat? i'm totally gross! suggestions? comments? - d :LOL Okay, THAT image has me peeing in my pants! I have found a GREAT natural deodorant. It's Real Purity...
What worked for me (and I normally don't take meds) was a combinatin of Claritin and Pepcid. The dr that put me on that was a former midwife. She sat down with me and went over the drug facts. Something about the Pepcid makes the Clariting work better. Once I took that, the rash that had covered my entire body was gone in a matter of days and didn't come back so I only took the meds for about 2 weeks. Did the doctor not even address that prednisone CAUSES you to GAIN...
I believe it is, but I could be wrong. Funny, isn't it? If she had CP and had not had the vax, do you think they'd let the child attend daycare?
IIRC and somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't scarlett fever basically just strep throat with a rash?
Well, I know it isn't the question you asked about but two weeks is not very long to adjust to a new baby or to really get the hang of breastfeeding. You'll still be establishing your supply. For me, it was about a month before I felt like we really had a good rythm with breastfeeding. IF you can work out a plan to take longer, you'll be glad. If you can't, I hope it goes smoothly for you. I highly recommend getting a good comfortable sling! You mentioned your baby...
Interesting. I was wondering about any links between late autism and vaccines in the kindergarten age group. I hadn't seen anything mentioning it before. What kind of news organization is Annanova?
Did you notice Quote: They noted that while mercury poisoning and autism both affect the central nervous system, the specific sites of brain involvement and the brain cell types affected are different in the two disorders. They further noted that mercury injures the nerves and other organs that are not affected in autism. "The pathology that we see in the brains of people with mercury poisoning just is not consistent with the pathology we see in the...
Quote: Originally posted by mountain mom Please be sure that the oils are coldpressed unrefined otherwise they go through a lengthy process of heating and 'cleansing' the oil with chemicals. Look for oils such as grapeseed, sweet almond, jojoba and black current seed oils. Apricot kernel is also one of my favorites for a nice light oil.
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