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I hope all is well. I had those same thoughts but refused all the tests. My baby turned Down syndrome unknown to all doctors. It has been a hard time but we are moving on. I have a beautiful 2 yr old too. Good luck enjoy them
I think i am having a cs tomorrow. The fluid levels are still at 3 and this is after testing with threee different techni at my drs and also at the hospital. I am heart broken to say the least. I have not gone into labor and i just feel that is it. I guess i have tried for a 5 days and have been tested daily fro the waters. There is no change thus i guess that is it. So long and thanks for your support. THey say they cannot find pockets of fluid anymore?!!!!
The NSt show baby doing very fine and my levels came upto 3. The Dr. was comfortable to let me monitor the kicks and count them and then go for NSt daily, theni another water level check come Monday. So far so good. I will make a decsion on monday , since i took time off to see if i could get the levels to where the Dr would feel comfortable. I think the baby is fine. At one time they were worried that i had too much fluid and now this . I just do not get it. I am...
My son had the same problem and others. I had to confront , and i mean confront the in home daycareowner after she said that he does not cryand is rather quiet. I think it was rather a personal reaction on my part but i was like if i do not advocate for him now what happens when he goes into regular schooling? my view is that she has to supervise, noisy or quiet, all kids need the same attention and care. In my case i was also concerned that my son never seemed...
I had my last ultra sound today morning and my levels were 2.7 cm . I understand that is too low and unless they improve by tonight, then i will have a c-section by tomorrow at 1pm. I am heart broken and wondering , are there things that i can do that would help bring up my levels. I have been working too hard to stay out of the CS way this time. My cervix is not dilated and my due date is monday,8/10. So the explanation is the placenta could be getting done at this...
check out beyond www. pesticides.org . They have alot of info on this and treatment options. They are a pain and a professional person on this would be the best route even if you us the DE powder. Look for the food grade DE instead and good luck
We called it depositing in the safe " trash bin" Kind of kept us going but we went through the trash afew times once recovered stove turn on buttons . We lost afew things eg remote controllers. I seem to have a knack for tracking though , that saved my watch and wedding ring. ( our house is small) so easy to track movements. I still lose my keys but i wonder if it is him or myself( memory never recovered totally). Kind of hilarious in a sad way. This has stopped us from...
Thanks once more mamas. That was very helpful info.
I had CP as a 5th grader in Africa. It was a very heavy case of the CP and my sister also had it too. am wondering if i got it would be risky for the unborn child?
Hello mamas Does any of you have ideas or issues that arise if a 2 year old is exposed to shingles at a daycare center? My son was exposed to the same and am 32 weeks pregnant. Do i keep him home or have him back there and is there a risk of my exposure to the illness?
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