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Thanks Lisa :)    
I've been taking a lot of magnesium/calcium the past few days and the contractions have significantly decreased, so I am hoping that works without the drugs. But tomorrow the work week starts again so I will see how it goes.   
Thanks Angela - I think I've decided to see how it goes tomorrow and if all is well i will wait till I can talk to my main dr on monday. She is low intervention and if she tells me to take the drugs I will. The dr I saw today is a backup dr and I just don't know him as well (although I have heard only good things). It's important to me that I have medical professionals I can really trust. I've seen too often the effects of too many interventions just causing more problems.
I could use some advice. For some background, I had some pre-term labor issues with my daughter. I had lots of regular BH contractions at 26-27 weeks, soft cervix, ended up in the hospital a few days, then on medication after that, started dilating around 30 weeks, and then went into labor at 40 weeks. A year later my sister had symptoms of pre-term labor around 21-22 weeks (which her dr largely ignored), then she went into labor at 25 weeks, they couldn't stop it, and...
Thanks! I also have an anterior placenta. The dr who did the ultrasound said not to worry about it, but of course I am. But everything I have read so far seems to say it isn't that big of a deal.  
What is the concern with an anterior placenta, besides difficulty hearing the heartbeat and feeling movement?    
I'm so glad to hear this! And by the way I didn't start feeling movements until after 18 weeks either, but now I'm feeling them regularly (I'm around 21 weeks).
Is what you are feeling pressure? I didn't have that feeling personally until much later, but my sister did. She went to the dr and he said everything was fine and she went into labor shortly after that at 25 weeks. I'm not telling you this to scare you, but just follow your gut and make sure you get answers that make sense to you from your dr. I also went into pre-term labor (at 26-27 weeks), my drs treated it aggressively (I thought too aggressively at the time), and I...
My experience with BHs is same as Conchobar, and with my daughter I started getting them around 25-26 weeks. My uterus would tighten for a while then release. I actually ended up in the hospital because I was getting them regularly (every 5 min or so) non-stop. They called it pre-term labor, but I didn't really start to dilate. If you get them regularly you should call your midwife. I've been getting them this time since around 17-18 weeks but they aren't regular so I'm...
I just had my ultrasound at 19 weeks and I also have an anterior placenta, and it's currently over my c-section scar. I'm also concerned because I am planning a homebirth vbac, but the dr wasn't worried about it and said it will likely move as my uterus grows. She said if I was worried about it I could get an other ultrasound later on. Is there a good reason to do that?
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