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Laggie - I am so excited for you. You deserve for this to happen - you have been around her for so long.   X - thinking about you. I have been stalking this tread like every day to check in on you.   Stretch - Congrats!!!!
Hope: My 6 (almost 6) YO can't read yet, and I can relate to your feelings about your DD. I get a little sad when I see all the kids at school reading chapter books and drawing pretty advanced pictures, which is also something that DS can't do. He does have other wonderful skills (mostly science) that other kids aren't doing yet, so I just try to remind myself of those things. Just try to focus on what she can do, and not worry. Kids all develop at different...
Oh, right. LOL.
Happy - I don't have any advice. But I just wanted to add my support. Sometimes u/s's are way off, so I hope this is the case.
Yay X! That is great news!   Laggie - that is weird. I can't imagine having a donor that I know, though I do wish we had some type of identity disclosure for the kid's sake.
I would look into the realities of adoption and IF treatment. You say that IF treatment is "too invasive" - but adoption is not?   Also, I would move this thread to adoption. It really doesn't belong in IF.
X - I haven't checked in here for a while. How did it go? Did you transfer any? How many fertilized?   Laggie - wow, that seems soon, but I know these things move fast. Do you get to keep any frosties at this clinic? I know that is something that is discussed on the egg donor forum, because some countries don't let you keep the frosties.I am really excited for you. Plus xmas in Greece sounds fun too!
Lilac - great job with the exercise.  Glad to hear it is working.   Guppy- so cute! Thanks for posting a photo of the three of them together.
Oh my gosh Suzie! That is so scary. You are so lucky that you woke up!
Hi all: just popping in to see how everybody is doing.   X - I hope a few of those little ones catch up.   Laggie - any news? What's up with the weird cramps - did they stop?
New Posts  All Forums: