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Guppy - Congrats on getting your little girl home. I can't wait to see pictures of the three together! How are you managing mommyhood to three?   Sourire - wow, that sounds scary. Glad it all turned out well and you got to see the baby. What a relief. Are you going to stay on the progesterone a while longer?   AFM - not much going on. A little big and uncomfortable. I am sticking with the zero fat diet and I haven't had any more gallbladder attacks. But I really crave...
Congrats Suzie!!! She is beautiful. Worth the wait!
Tear - Thanks! That reminds me that I get to move up my ticker!!! That makes my day
Thinking of you Suzie!!!
Laggie - Sorry about the BFN. But congrats on making the decision to use donor eggs. For me, once I accepted it, things got much easier. Have you heard of the parents via egg donor forum? There is a woman there who owns a business (IVF traveler), who I emailed a few times when I was considering going abroad for a donor egg cycle. She sent me a spreadsheet of lists of clinics and their success rates and costs, etc. She has a business organizing IVF treatment abroad, but she...
 I work full time. I am a professor. I don't work at home, I work out of home but have a flexible schedule.
Sourire - I am thinking about you and your little bean. Keep up the positive outlook.
Sourire!!!! Yay!!! I am so happy that you are finally here. Please stay for a good long 9 months
Aura and Lilac: That is wonderful that you want to donate your leftovers. I am forever grateful that somebody made that choice for my baby. I know how hard it must be. There are lots of options out there (Aura) for you to send your leftover frosties to. Embryo Donation International (EDI) (in Florida) will take them if they are high quality, and you get some say over who they eventually go to (like characteristics, and open or closed donation, etc). For open donation, I...
Congrats Guppy and 3 babies!!! They are beautiful and you are amazing!
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