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$50,000 seems expensive until you are dealing with infertility and there is no other way to get the baby you desperately want. People over in the IF thread have sold their houses, taken loans against their 401k, and moved in with parents to afford it. Some states, like Illinois, cover IVF (not the yearly freezing fees), but since egg freexing is still considered "experimental" they won't cover it if you are lucky enough to live in one of those states.   also, it doesn't...
Sourire - I see it!!! I totally see it on both of them!   X - looks like you have some really good follies there, so even with the estrogen not rising, maybe you have some successful ones! Are you doing a freeze-alll cycle for sure, or will you maybe transfer one if it looks great at day 5?   Laggie - thinking about you. I hope all is well.
Sorry Laggie. I was really crossing my fingers for you. onward and upward, my friend. Hopefully next time brings better news.  
Wow! Such wonderful news here! Congrats Monkey and Lava and Greenmum! What a wonderful feeling to know that you can TTC for so long, but the second time around it might get easier!
Yea, good point. I was just getting after DS for saying that he "can't" read a few words that I was asking him to read. I said the same thing... you can, you just don't want to.
Suzie and Guppy - Good luck! I will be thinking about both of you.
I was thinking that too. Wow, Laggie, you are awesome! I can't even change a spark plug or a tire!
Joining the Guppy cheering section! You are doing a great job keeping those babies in! go guppy go!!!
Hi all:   I am just looking at the last page, so I may miss some posts from before that.   momalexis - I used my local REs in-house donor embryo program (basically leftover embies from old cycles). They have a 2-3 year waiting list but I jumped ahead because I was willing to take an "unknown race" embryo. Oddly, my whole cycle was free because I took the embryos that they couldn't get rid of, and because I had already spent so much money with them. After reading...
32 is not that old, but I will warn you to be careful and don't let time slip by. We started TTC at that age. I am now pregnant at 38 with donor embryos. While we were trying and trying IF treatments nothing was working, and I got older so the chances of something working got slimmer and slimmer. In retrospect I wish we has skipped all the IUIs, skipped the natural route and vitamins and dhea, etc., and femera, and gone straight to IVF back when I was 32, and I wish I...
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