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X - I had the same insurance as you (from Chicago), and I wish I had thought to do 4 all freeze cycles. We did our 4 over the span of about 5years, and they just got worse and worse. Good luck with all of this. I am glad you are feeling more confident.  
X - I am thinking about you. Lots of decisions to make. I am now a believer in waiting until day 5, but when I was in your shoes I always chose to put them back in at day 3. Such hard choices, and especially hard when you are under so much pressure. Hugs to you.   Everyone else, you are always on my mind. I think about you often and hope that brighter days are ahead for all of you.
I think that I am going to have to tell people at work that I am pregnant. I have been holding out as long as I can, but I am really starting to look pregnant. Last night I ran into a co-worker, and I think he noticed. I think that I will wait until after my MW appointment on Sat. just to make sure everything is ok. I have been dreading this for a long time. ugh.   Wissa - nice to see you pop in. Hi!
TF - I am sorry. I am so so sorry.
yay suzie! Glad you finally found out!!
Laggie - I know you aren't there (to donor eggs) yet. It took me 4 IVFs (and two of those were flights to SIRM in Vegas). It takes a while. Sorry if I was premature in my advice, I didn't mean that you were there, or that you ever will be, I just wanted to let you know there are lots of options that don't have to cost $50,000.   Indie - When I was looking into donor eggs I actually called the florida place (enbryo donation international). My local RE recommended...
TF - YAY!!!!! A fetal pole and yolk sac is a great sign!! Keep it up little TF baby!   Laggie - sorry about the doc bringing up donor eggs. I know how hard that is to take. It took me four different REs telling me that I should move on to donor eggs before I finally did. I needed all four opinions. My thoughts are, whatever you feel like you need, do it. It is a hard decision when you are faced with it, so if you need another opinion go for it.  Not to get ahead of...
This thread sure has been quiet lately.   Suzie: Glad you are spot on, and sorry you don't get to find out the sex. Are you doing any other scans so will you find out later?   AFM - I am at 15 weeks and 5 days, and I am finally feeling pretty good consistently. Last week was horrible. I puked all the time and laid in bed all week. I had some really severe cramps (which turned out to be gas) that worried me so much I went to see the MW the next day to check the...
Welcome! I have a december baby too. We don't celebrate Christmas, so it is nice to have something to celebrate in december.
I am sorry TF, it is not fair. It is totally not fair at all.
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