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I had this when I was a child.....http://m.kidshealth.org/parent/medical/heart/hsp.html It was called Purpura.....check it out. Hope she feels better soon! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Oh and also, after sex I try to get out all the...ya know....in the shower and then I swish 3% hydrogen peroxide up there with my fingers....Lol! I'm not sure why I do all this but hey- it works! Good luck mama!
So, I have gotten them so bad that my entire body is inflamed, down below and my breasts and my ears are all itching/burning. The way that I finally got them under control was taking Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar 3x day, garlic capsules, the liquid grapefruit seed extract , plus 60 Billlion probiotics a day....I did this religiously for 10 months. Now if I feel something coming on, I hit it hard with all of these things and stop any sugar....
I use Young Living. I am new to EO's but WOW! They really work! Belly aches, headaches, back pain, foot pain, anxiety, insomnia...are just a few of the things I use them for and it always takes care of my problem!!! I do not sell them, just became a member so that I can order for myself and my sisters and mom! The best thing about them is replacing my OTC medicine cabinet!!!
I recently had to re-home an aggressive (herding behavior) Border Collie. I've also worked with other breed specific groups and they are always wonderful. Is he mostly St. Bernard or Rott? I would try to contact either a SB rescue or Rott rescue in your state. Both times, the dogs I re-homed were put into appropriate homes for them (ie: no kids) A good rescue should come and do a behavior study and then decide after that whether the dog is re-home-able. If they deem him...
My dd gets this all the time when a bath is skipped, not sure how natural but A& D ointment or Vaseline work just fine applied to the entire area. I would do that before treating for yeast.
Has this been set up yet? We are in MI and would live to play!
Prayers and strength heading your way.....
So I'm laying here in bed with DS who has been battling a fever since Thursday that he got from dd2...he has been clung to me for 4 days and needless to say I've not done much. Got dd1 and ds's presents wrapped last night at 3am when I could finally get DS to stay asleep without the boob. Today I managed to squeak out some sugar cookies for the girls and Santa Claus and then just as I was finishing cleaning up the HUGE mess that was my kitchen, BAM! I got hit with a 101...
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