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Is it expensive?   Was it worth it?     We have four kids, a messy Mom, and my hoarding-tendency husband in a house that has very bad closets and not enough room.  Was thinking of investing in a professional organizer--but no idea if it's worth it.
Thank you! That's a great resource.  Now, I just need to wait for PET to come to my neck of the woods. :)
So, I see a big need in my community for a gentle discipline course.   While I could take all of my boatloads of materials and try and create my own, I think at first I'd be more comfortable with somebody else's well thought out class structure, which I might customize a bit due to cultural needs.   Do you have any that you'd recommend?  Names that come to mind are Parent Effectiveness Training, Love and Logic, ????
Wow...some may be gone...although it looks like the diapers may still be available.  
Hi Everybody: We're getting ready to move and I just found out that the Salvation Army and Goodwill no longer take baby items and the DV shelter just got a big donation in so doesn't need them.   I have a big box of cloth diapers and covers--some Bum Genius, some pre washed Chinese tri-folds, etc.  Lots of diapers--would be a great start for a Mama wanting to try.     All of the following are in good condition.     Fisher Price Oceans Aquarium...
  Assalamu Alaikum FrugalMama:   Congrats on your first Ramadan coming up. :)  Remember that kids start with fasting for one meal...then work up to half days...and then gradually make it up to a full fast.  Don't feel bad if that's the way you need to take it as well.  Also with medications/illness/breastfeeding/pregnancy, there are all exemptions.  Remember that God is the Most Merciful and Compassionate, and don't be afraid to take that compassion.   How old is your DD?...
Wa'alaikum Assalam:   I am not looking forward to middle of the night (for me) suhoors and late late iftars. :(  I'd like to say I am, but to be honest, right about now, I'm thinking that we need to work to standardize the Muslim calendar so that Ramadan can always be in December.;)  (Just kidding!) I have major trouble with dehydration during even short fasts, so I'm trying to psych myself up.  I think that I've decided if I can't keep myself from water that I'll...
I known of this one...from Turkey.   http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16732795   "Ramadan fasting had no significant effect on the macronutrient composition of the breast milk and consequently the growth of the infants. There were significant differences in some of the micronutrients such as zinc, magnesium and potassium. The nutritional status of lactating women was affected by Ramadan fasting. All of the nutrient intakes (except vitamins A, E and C) decreased...
Have you tried the infamous Belief-o-matic Quiz? :)   From your description, it sounds like you'd feel at home with UUs...but they are not the only ones I know who might blend pagan/seasonal celebrations.  That seems to be growing everywhere, really.   I'll try and come back later with books and blogs. 
Hi: We're moving to SW Florida and I'm on the hunt for a good pediatrician, pediatric dentist, and OB. Any recommendations would be great!   Thanks :)
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