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Wow...thanks for that.  Worked great!!!
There are quite a few studies out there...   try this article on socialization...http://www.hslda.org/docs/nche/000000/00000068.asp   college...http://hslda.org/docs/nche/000000/00000017.asp     There are more out there. :)
A friend's daughter who is a great CNM just joined a wonderful freestanding birth center in Niceville called Gentle Birth Options.  They support homebirths from Pensacola to Panama City.  Waterbirths are very much a part of their philosophy as well. :)   Her name is Jessica Gibson and I thought I'd put it out here--as her philosophy and that of the birth center totally mesh with MDC Mamas.  I remember how happy I was to find a great midwife and birth center in...
A few neat things IMO...story prompts, logic stuff, etc.:   http://teacherexpress.scholastic.com/dollardeals?limit=64
You might want to check into Earth Scouts, Spiral Scouts, Camp Fire (both boys and girls), Navigators, etc.    
Thanks everybody.   I decided to let the kids choose 10 friends and leave it at that.  DS2 wants to invite all the boys in his class, and DS2 wants a mixed group.  I think it will work out O.K.     I never remember inviting the whole class when I was a kid--so I was surprised at this new trend.
My almost 8 year old has encopresis.  We did the Miralax and fiber gummies--but honestly, they weren't a solution. Helped somewhat--but kept having to up the Miralax dose, and still had soiling accidents. In talking to many Moms, I ended up going with the Soiling Solutions protocol.  It does involve enemas and suppositories if needed, but it's usually short term.  If they get to the point that they're soiling in their pants, then usually there is some blockage and an...
Both of my boys have birthdays coming up, and both would like to have bday parties.  DS1 is turning 8, and DS2 is turning 6.  We've always had small family birthday parties, but they'd like to have one with friends this year.  We live in a small apartment, so would realistically have to host them at a venue.   DS1's class has 26 people in it.  DS2's class has 20 kids.  I realize that not every kid will come (or at least I hope so), but I can't help but worry about...
Re: Eid gifts, we try and stretch them out for all three days.  First gifts are usually given after Eid prayers when we get home.  DH also give Eidee (money) and he'll do it then.  It's typically $1/each year the kid is old.  Not a lot at this point, but our kids are still very excited.  I have no idea if we'll stick with the $1/year thing or not.  I also like the stretching out bit because they're not overwhelmed.  They play with one new gift each day and can sort of...
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