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Sooooo..... Does it work?  Final verdict please?  I assume all of you who tried it have some opinion on the matter.  Was it as effective as just applying to the hair, leaving on, and then washing out after 4 hours?  Did that really get rid of all the lice and eggs?  
I have never tried PUL pads but I've used fleece backed pads for years and have loved them.  Lately, I'm trying out some zorb and really like it so far!  I should add that I do sell cloth pads so I guess I'm partial.  :-D  Also haven't tried wool but would rather not use anything requiring special care.      
We also transitioned to school this year. I understand what you mean when you say it's like quitting a job and you need a purpose. I suffer from some crazy anxiety and am using this time to heal and focus on myself and my marriage. I joined a gym and have found that their yoga class as well as time spent on the treadmill or elliptical has been a fantastic cure for anxiety. It gives me a new goal to work towards and is healing. Doing really regular cardio helps get rid of...
I really liked the birth scene in that Disney movie Spirit. Just wonderful! Also in the documentary Babies, I get misty-eyed during the scenes when the mothers are all meeting or staring at their newborns for the first time. Actually the whole movie is fantastic.
I don't know about evidence against homeschooling but I did stumble across this blog today: http://gaither.wordpress.com/   The blogger is an author who recently published a book about the history of homeschooling.  His posts center around research, academic advice, nothing political or over opinionated.  It's a good, intelligent read.
Check craigslist.  I always see people listing their apartments to sublet.  Good luck!
You'll definitely find something in your price range out there.  I didn't know Crowley schools had a bad reputation or any different from Benbrook.  Can't imagine it's too much different.
I believe there is a homeschool PE co-op in Arlington.  ASI Gymnastics in Keller has homeschoolers gymnastics on Wednesdays.  My kids love it.  Travis Avenue Baptist Church has a homeschoolers fine arts academy with tons of music and art classes.  We had no luck getting into it but it is possible.  Check out Homeschoolers Excel - great secular homeschooling co-op group with which meets on Thursdays in Carrolton. 
I used Bonnie Kitchens for my vbac homebirth. She is AMAZING. I love her dearly.
A friend of mine went recently. They stayed at a Travelodge and it was around $60 per night. Have fun!
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