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Thanks for the bump :)
I have a $50 gift code to Love Well Handmade (lovewellhandmade.com). Everything is beautiful but the sizes are too small for my kids. Hoping for $25 or if you have something to trade. Thanks :)
My 19 month old son very frequently has mucus in his stools. Actually it seems like he alternates between really hard stools (think deer pellets) and looser, mucusy stools. When he was about 7 months old he was hospitalized and put on a very strong antibiotic. It seems like that was when we started dealing with this battle with constipation. It seems like it is better, but I'm still wondering if there is something going on. Besides his bowel movements, he's a super happy...
We just brought my 8 month old home from the hospital where he was given three rounds of strong antibiotics via IV. I want to get him on a really great probiotic pronto. Any recommendations? Any tips on how to get baby to take the probiotic? Just mix in baby food? Thanks in advance for your help!
http://www.invisibleshoe.com/store/ Invisible shoes...if they do co-ops. That is one I would love to participate in!
We discovered that my 20 month old has pollen allergies a couple weeks ago. We opened up the windows one of the first nice spring nights we had and he awoke in the night with a croupy cough. We thought he might be sick but then it was clear it was more of an allergic reaction. So, I suppose peanuts could be a trigger (my son also has peanut allergies).
Hi! I'm Missy and am due July 27th, so there is a good chance this could be an August baby. We just found out today we are having a boy!
Is there anything I can do with almost a full bottle of red wine that is too old to drink or cook with? I hate dumping it down the drain, but we didn't like it and now I'm not sure what to do with it.
DS (14 months) has had a runny nose for a whole month. Not a mild runny nose, we're talking having to wipe constantly and it is green/yellow. He got it a month ago. It always starts and ends clear but then turns a toxic green. He had it for a week, then nothing for a day, then it started back the next day and he had it for two straight weeks. We had almost a week of a break and then two days ago it started running again. He shows no other signs of being sick, just the...
I'm looking for some recipes that use sour milk. I always end up throwing away that last little bit of raw milk, but I would love to be able to use it in something. Ideas? Right now I have a good milk that is too sour for any of us to drink.
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