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My husband and I intend to be there. We had a wonderful experience at the Birth and Family Place with our youngest son. One of my nieces was also born there after my sister had a less than pleasant home birth. I would be so excited for birth centers to be more accessible in Utah.
Peanut or Sweet-Pea
These are hilarious. I have done almost all of those same things. Picking boogers, wiping bottoms, catching chewed up food. My favorite new one thanks to potty learning is sitting on the toilet with the door wide open saying, "Look, Mommy is going peepee in the toilet".
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie I've always thought I'd ask why they were harassing me and would they please, PLEASE stop checking out my breasts because they were making me uncomfortable. lizziemomofalmost4, that's excellent. I love it! I'm going to start using that one. Tandem nursing in public really weirds people out so I get my share of rudeness. Doesn't everybody like boobs? And half of us have them so what exactly is so...
I feel right at home here. I'm for some reason a really intimidating person, or so I am told. I love to debate, but I do listen as well. I'm terrible at being anything but brutally honest. There's nothing I hate more than people beating around the bush. If I don't have anything I want to say, I don't waste time with mindless small talk chit chat. I make no apologies for offending people; they should know how to deal with someone else's opinion. For some reason I can't...
I have learned to be social over the years, but I love to be left alone. My husband is a social butterfly and always bringing people over to our house. Having company energizes him but totally drains me. I like people. I just don't feel the need to be around them very often. Having kids forces me to be much more social than I ever used to be, and I really miss my alone time. At least two of my boys (the 3rd is too young to tell) are really extroverted like their dad, so...
When we can't have our own home brew, we like anything from NBB. One of our very favorites is Descheutes Brewery's Black Butte Porter. Yum! Sadly, we live in Utah and have to drive to Wyoming to get the good stuff. That's why we make our own most of the time.
Break-ups are a bummer. My husband's supposed BFF broke up with him rather explosively shortly after my last son was born. In retrospect we should have seen it coming. We offended him unknowingly but apparently in a crucial way because he took his stuff and has never spoken to us since. It has been a blessing because we didn't realize how hanging on to a toxic friendship can be such a burden. So I think it might be a good idea for you either to stop hinting and be blunt...
I've had a huge sweet tooth ever since my last baby was born. My midwife mentioned that sugar cravings are often a sign that you're not getting enough protein. I don't know if this can be backed up scientifically, but I do notice that I crave sugar less during the day when I've had a high protein breakfast or lunch.
I nursed all through my pregnancy and halfway through labor at 40 weeks. Both boys are still nursing together happily 6 months later.
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