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Completely forgot about it... Not worried, as Bella is now over 12lb and seems to be doing just fine! We're heading into spring anyway. She's totally breast fed and doesn't like anything else, so I can't imagine going through the rigmarole of feeding an upset little girl vitamin D drops every day...gah!
Good question! Bella has her days of doing this already - last night she just wanted to kick around and smile at me until about 1.30am...!
Yes but WHAT a supply ey? I too can shoot my bazookas like water cannons. I bet the police could use them in a pinch to break up a riot... *WWWHHhhhoooOOOOsh!*
Well actually, we've only JUST done it - she's still going as we speak. Here 8 year old big sister is feeding it to her and after a bit of initial confusion, she latched on like a pro and is smiling away at her big sister! It's actually really sweet! And good to know that when mummy's not there, she'll still be able to eat. Not that I plan on being gone long enough for that to happen any time soon...lol!
OMG Bella so totally does that! She'll kick about all over the place (she just discovered the wonder of having legs and uses them at every opportunity - she actually grizzles to be held upright so she can brace herself on her legs! Still!!!) and flick me on the boobs, and grab my boobs, punch my boobs and sometimes (and this is SO cute) she makes this "eeek!" face and then just ploughs into my boob with an actual growl - a GROWWWL! Grrrrrr and she's on with a huge mouthful...
Sure, early reading TO your child is lovely and certainly a nice way to phase into the proper reading of later on. But there are many reasons for this, APART from the "storeis come from books; these are words; you will learn to understand how to decipher the letters" thing. Positive attention from you = very important to your child's development. Being able to experience an abject (be it an apple, a book or a toy) from start to finish (i.e. looking, touching, holding,...
Oh my God... So what (in the law) is the difference then between "corporal punishment" and child abuse??? Also.... A little birdy told me that if you have multiple browsers, like Firefox, Chrome and Internet explorer, you can open up the web page in each browser and vote again. Why not submit a vote for your significant other, mother, or other person in your family?
Oh I think I'll have one like that too... Once, when I was about 34 or 35 weeks pregnant, I farted in the bath and she almost jumped through my abdominal wall. It really was quite hysterically hilarious!
No - I have a problem with anything breaking her skin!! She scratched her own nose the other day, just a tiny little pinprick sized red spot, and I just felt heart-torn! I am a bit like that though - I love her the way she is and really want every part of her to remain intact. I'll probably cry my little eyes out the first time she scrapes her knee....! But if she asks to have it done in a few years, fair enough - I had mine done at the age of eleven, then pierced my...
It's coming up to the (dreaded) two month appointment with Bella: the appointment at which they want to shoot her full of vaccines! I actually have a great pedi, who is totally fine with me waiting or not vaccinating, blah blah blah etc so that's not the problem here. My problem is this: at the clinic, they can't tell me which vaccines are "more important" and which are less important. I mean you've got things like the MMR at what, 18 months, that is a source of...
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