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Yes, I've washed it, soake it in bleach, taken a toothbrush to it...it has these little fish on it, and the mold is under those, and also under the suction cups!
I have a plastic mat in our bathtub to keep the kiddos from slipping.  It is getting moldy, and I don't want to buy a new one because they are so stinky, and I hate disposable stuff.  Any ideas for alternatives?
My plan regarding the thrush is to see a former IBCLC nurse practitioner at the pedi's office - we're out of state right now.  We're all going to need something systemic/oral, I think.  I've used monostat and lotramin af and the baby's yeast diaper rash has come back.  Since he has a diaper rash and I have a vaginal yeast infection (Merry Christmas over here!), plus I'm pretty sure I have it on my nipples (they're itchy), I'm not even sure what would be the best course...
What is OPT?  I took him to a speech therapist who specializes in feeding issues, and no one has said there's any weakness.  The ST sent me to the PT because DS's jaw and lower lip are tight.
I'll lay out the challenges, and then what we've done...   DS2 had posterior TT and high palate.  3.5 weeks he had it clipped under general.  Not completely clipped, so we drove 4+ hours to re-do it with him awake.   Still clicking, losing nipple, compressing.   DS1 is still nursing - often- so I have a very plentiful supply.  Baby's weight gain is above expectations - no worries there.   I've had subacute mastitis and, I think, thrush.  Right now I'm...
Yeah.  He's disorganized and it's ugly.  I posted about it in my due date club awhile back.  But it's another way to get milk into him.  And all over him.  
I found this thread while having a particularly hard night.  I'm sitting here sobbing because I'm very strongly considering weaning my older son and moving to exclusively pumping for my younger son.  My older son will be three in three months, and I have so many wonderful memories of nursing him.  We struggled in the beginning - he was tongue-tied, we had it clipped and he completely stopped latching.  I got nasty mastitis twice (admitted to the hospital to treat the...
My heart breaks for Mistymama and her entire family.  I have been thinking about her a lot the past few days and just haven't known what to say.   I'm thinking of you, Mistymama. 
DS1 didn't do tummy time.  He crawled by 7 months and walked at 9 months.   DS2 has, since he was days old, pushed away from me in carriers (I cannot safely wear him in the moby anymore - he manages to free his arms and wiggle in a way that is going to get his whole body out the top!).  He's safe in the Ergo and uses his arms and holds his head up.  He's pretty darn sturdy for a 2m/o!   All that to say "meh" about tummy time :)
  Ugh. I was SO sick!  I think I had it in for 2 or 3 months and I spotted the entire time, plus had cramping to the point of nausea (which wasn't even something normal during my periods).  The cramping got better and worse, but it was sort of always there.  At its worst (on my honeymoon, no less!), I threw up on a 500-year-old cedar that was planted to commemorate the wedding of a king...(we honeymooned in Wales).  DH wanted to explore castles and I just wanted to throw...
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