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In Indiana, my husband is listed on our food stamps and the girls Medicaid as an 'ineligible college student'
popping in to say how thrilled I am to see this thread continue on so long and become a supportive place for so many.
That's fantastic! I am so thrilled for you.
Lots of pointing out objects in real life, talking about shapes, size relationships, colors. Some workbook pages {Spectrum Phonics, Get Ready for PreK Shapes, Get Ready for Kindergarten Simple Spelling, that sort of thing} Lots of reading and pointing out pictures and asking questions, mostly inference type stuff like "what's happening here" and "why do you think" questions, and some 'attention and focus' stuff like 'find the __' And lots of free play that teaches, trips...
Good evening all I need a referral to an osteopath who accepts medicaid/hoosier healthwise in the B'ton/Spencer area or between the two if anyone has one?
That's fantastic. Congratulations!
Quote: Indiana Statutes of Limitation Breach of contract for sale under UCC: 4 years. Unwritten accounts or contracts and promissory notes or written contracts for payment of money executed after August 31, 1982: 6 years. Written contracts unrelated to the payment of money: 10 years. Written acknowledgement or new promise signed by the debtor, or any voluntary payment on a debt, is sufficient evidence to cause the relevant statute of limitations to...
Glad you got some freezer space opened up to you! We're using the inlaws extra freezer space as well And likewise, ours are only a mile down the street We just got approved for food stamps and by the time I got the card there was $640ish on it. That was Tuesday. There's now $68 on it I got: *pasta *sliced turkey *fresh produce *frozen veggies *lean meat. {going back for poultry either tomorrow or next week, I haven't seen if it's on sale or...
Clean 5 gallon paint buckets here. One I bought brand new unused from walmart, the other two I got off my dad and cleaned with bleach and hot soapy water and will line with a trash bag. Not the best in the world but I am doing what I can until I can afford more brand new buckets
New Posts  All Forums: